Restoring Your Vehicle's Finish --The Polish and Wax

 Restoring Your Vehicle's Finish --The Polish and Wax
In order for you to accomplish "that shine", you MUST clean the finish, polish it and wax it! This is how it done correctly. So why not git'r done once and for all? Okay, this is going to be painless so just relax.

*****Tip: Always use Microfiber Towels. You will save a considerable amount of time because they are streak-free and lint-free!*****

First, you must prep or clean the finish. Even though you have washed your vehicle, the finish needs to free of contaminants--so it can be conditioned. So now that you have removed the dirt, let's remove the contamination! To clean your surface, Meguiar's Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner is a non-abrasive paint cleaner that safely removes road grime, surface contamination, light oxidation, swirls and light scratches to restore damaged and dull finishes. Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner prepares all paint finishes for polishing and waxing. There have been times when I have used Meguiar's Cleaner Wax which is the best Cleaner Wax you can buy. I know some people who use it as their base wax. Cleaner Wax will promote your base color and also prepare the surface for the next steps to restore your finish.

Second, the Polish. Meguiar's Deep Crystal Polish is a pure polish specially formulated for dark colored vehicles. The formula creates a dazzling, high gloss finish by conditioning and nourishing the paint, making dark colors darker and reflections deeper and more clear. It is that extra step necessary to create the ultimate, wet-look show car shine. The stuff really makes the difference as opposed to waxing alone.

The final step is the wax--my fave. I have tried and tested many, many waxes and the one that really gives me that long lasting shine is Meguiar's Deep Crystal Caranuba Wax. I swear by this stuff, I find it to last longer than even the new Next Generation Tech Wax and that's a very, very good wax! When I wax, I look for shine, depth of color and longevity. I can wash my car at least 5-7 times before I need to wax it again--if I have to wash at all. The Deep Crystal Caranuba Wax is the final and most revealing step of the Meguiar's Deep Crystal 3-Step System. I have used it alone and with other products and have always found it to give me the results I want. However, Meguiar's products should be used in conjunction with one another for best results. Not only is it available, affordable and effective, it's very user-friendly and smells great!

Now, if you want to do this and be done with it, you must have detailing mist to follow. I like to touch up my newly cleaned and shiny vehicle with a little Meguiar's Speed Detailer. Another excellent detailing mist is Turtle Wax Platinum Series Deatiling Mist--a very close second. But since Meguiar's is the base product line we are using here, thier Speed Detailer will "seal the deal"! I also find that detailing mist is a must have for the trunk combined with a clean Microfiber Towel. It's great for fresh dirt, dust and even bird droppings--always use a clean Microfiber Towel whenever you use the mist to prevent swirling and scratches. I like to apply a little more than a sprtiz because I believe it penetrates well and I want it to reach deep down into the surface. I apply it left-to-right and remove it the same way.

When you are finished, you will absolutely fall in love with your vehicle all over again!! You won't have to wax again for at least a month (unless you want to) and with a little Detailing Mist you are road ready all of the time! This 3-step system need only be implemented at the very least 3 times a year! I hope someone can benefit from this information because it is my regimen to detail my vehicles a often as I can--once or tiwce a week.

I want you to understand that detailing doesn't have to be time consuming and tedious. You too, can have the same shine and lustre as the next person who spent more money, time and effort. It is my mission to let everyone know that detailing can be easy and you might even enjoy it and maybe even do it more often! It's your vehicle and you deserve to drive it with pride. So keep it clean and shiny and always drive safely!! God Bless America! _Marie

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