Big Tips in Little Changes

Big Tips in Little Changes
Change at any given time in our life can be seen as a marker for uncharted territory. Far too often fear and uncertainty can overshadow the opportunities both tedious and major upheavals have to offer leaving us feeling scared and uncertain about our future and the people around us. The inconvenience of not knowing, however, is a very important part of the process. The idea being to allow more of what we need than the limitations of what we knew provided. By releasing the life schedule we think we ought to have for ourselves we allow these experiences to become the thresholds they should be with countless possibilities waiting us.

People look to readings for information regarding anything from the kind of job they will have to the kind of relationship they will be in. Although they can provide significant insight to a difficult situation it is always best when the insight comes from within. This isn’t always possible, as change in general has always been a difficult position for people to be in. Blockage, restlessness, sleeplessness, depression and even illness can be the extent to which a soul can carry out this discomfort. In these cases quite often a medium or clairvoyant can help in sorting out the different options available. However, the soul being a part of every living thing as it is, and we a part of a greater living being is exactly what enables any person to tap into the kind of insight any professional would and is necessary in passing through the void following periods of transition.

One of the first things we can do to help understand our current circumstance better is to appreciate the bigger picture. Without opening this awareness we are less likely to differentiate our immediate experience from what is really going on. I like to compare this understanding to a person leaving a lake they have just plunged into on a breezy day. Prior to becoming wet a person may feel simply a slight wind across one side of the face or another, if even that. The water, however, awakens 1000’s of sensations all over the body intensifying the perception of the wind. In this state you may be able to feel where the wind came from, where it is going and what you will see next. As such in this kind of state we will not only see our situation, we will have the ability to distinguish between the not so obvious. Such as something very good for us but feels awkward and something bad for us with which we chose to indulge at the time aa it seems to feel wonderful but will provide disastrous results.

Understanding next, just as we have our physical directions, North, South East, West and any combination there of we also have different stages and kinds of change and combinations as well. Identifying these types allows also a better view of where we are in our situation, how much of our life is guiding us to a better place and what can be said of our own doing. There is choice or directed change, consequent change, repetition change, transition, void and finally application.

As confusing as any one situation may be,no matter where the turn of events lead us, what we gain or possibly lose we are never falling away from grace. More over we are plunging head- first with our inner work and higher futures ahead for ourselves and those around us. And, as a single branch could never bend alone in the wind never are we alone in ours.

In light and love. ~ Elleise ~

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