The Bachelor-Episode 4

The Bachelor-Episode 4
This episode continues the feud between Krisly and Sarah W. Our little Suzie Chapstick, Sarah W. is all tears when she gets a few minutes of one and one time with Charlie, after Krisily informs him that Sarah might have motives other than Charlie for being on the show.

Enter host with an offer for the ‘ladies’ to fight to the death in a fencing match over a one on one date with Charlie.

In her bio, Krisily describes herself in 3 words as Fun, Friendly and sincere. She forgot that she has a Buffy the Vampire on crack attitude and vengeance that rivals no one but Cruella Deville. I guess that would have been more than 3 words though. Sarah W. criticizes Krisily for her claims of ‘classtraphobia’, forgetting that she has spent each chance she could get Charlie alone crying on his shoulders.

On the one on one date with Charlie, Anitra left her date staring at his dinner in ah of all the opposites they had. She loves to eat and he can take it or leave it. She loves to email and he can take it or leave it. She wants him and he can take her or leave her. Perhaps her biggest mistake was telling him that when he stepped out of the car, he was a disappointment to her expectations of a Hollywood type. Guess she was hoping for his brother. In her defense, she was disappointed because she didn’t want the glitz of a Hollywood type guy, but based on Charlie’s reaction, he is still holding out hope of rivaling his brother’s acting career and becoming a Hollywood glitzy type guy.

The next morning finds Charlie hung over and at the Henhouse where the ladies make him breakfast while he chats it up with some of the others about their poor taste in overly worn slippers. The rose ceremony comes just after breakfast with an entrance from the host, jarring Charlie and the ladies back into the fact that this is a tv show. Charlie has 4 roses.

4 ladies, 4 hometown dates. Charlie has his work cut out for him. In the preview we see him tearing up at the rose ceremony. Sarah B, having received a rose during the one on one time, sits on the ‘Safe’ sofa while the other women hang in the wind waiting for Charlie’s word. Kim runs giddily up to Charlie and blurts out that she really wanted to jump on him, but it seems she wasn’t sure how well received that would be. Well, after Episode 3, we know it isn’t the first time, Kim. Your secret is safe with me, and the other 2 million viewers.

Sarah W. bites her lip and fidgets before her name is finally called. After returning to stand with the other women, she lets out boastful sighs until Charlie kindly, but sternly asks her to settle down. When he calls Krisily’s name, Sarah W. is shown in confessional with the camera saying that she would be a million times better as a girlfriend than Krisily and lays out more less than thinly veiled attacks. With that, 2 women are sent home and we await next week’s episodes where Charlie will meet the families of the 4 women remaining.

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