Why Is The World The Way It Is

Why Is The World The Way It Is
Historically, we have alway been ruled by the minority, and within reason, abided by their rules. It seems that as humans we are very susceptible to suggestion, and believe we should be afraid of something outside of ourselves.

If it’s not the church, it’s the government, and if it’s not the government, it’s each other. Through our evolution we have experienced the wrath of the church when the burning of witches was advocated, and because of the power they held over the land, everyone lived in fear of a vengeful God and an all powerful ‘man of God’.

Perhaps this was the start of our mind slavery. We all became afraid of what other people could do to us, and then because of that fear, we had to be careful of each other turning on our selves. Rather than gathering together and turning on the minority, the majority took the role of fear and tried to appease them by whatever means necessary.

Since the majority or us do not defend our selves unless directly attacked, we allow other people to suffer and turn a blind eye. This is justified because, it doesn’t affect me so I will not get involved. Because no-one ‘gets involved’ we allow the system to perpetuate. When there is a protest, it is in such few numbers, that it is easy to make an example of them, and therefore install more fear and reduce the instances for further uprisings.

Jesus is a prime example of making a stand and suffering the consequences. He was portrayed as being forsaken by his God, and put to death on the cross. His death must have been a horrific and painful experience, which stood to deter anyone else from standing up and speaking their truth in fear of the same happening to them.

How did the minority gain so much power over us? They can only be strong as long as we let them. I wonder what would happen if everyone stood up together at every injustice and said no together, do you think they could retain their power over us?

At the moment all around the world there are injustices and atrocities being carried out with everyones knowledge, and it happens because not enough of us say no more. Since we see our selves as separate from each other, we do not realise that each time we allow someone else to be treated unfairly, we are really saying it is okay to abuse our self.

Many philosophers have seen this inequality and have been shouting to the world to wake up. These pleas have gone unanswered. Until everyone makes a stand, the minority can maintain their power and we remain afraid. We are so afraid of being persecuted in any way that we self police each other, and increase ‘their’ power over us.

Nothing is as it seems, and when we just sit back and accept things the way they are we are really saying it is okay, and as long as it does not affect me I’ll keep out of it.

Perhaps there is something in our minds that allows for such control to be exerted over us. If this is so, then how can we say we are free or that we have free will? Free will to the extent that we are allowed to be or free will to the extent that our unity can bring?

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