Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana Jones
Lego Star Wars was a *huge* hit, so it's no big surprise that Lego Indiana Jones was next. It is just amazing how encompassing this game is. We just hit 100% on the entire game and have to say it was a lot of fun to get through it.

In a world where games can be won and ended in a day or two, it is so satisfying to have a games that literally lasts weeks and is fun from start to finish. The humor in these Lego games is amazing. The little looks, the interactions are so funny. Whoever creates these games really should get a lot of credit for it. You get sucked into the story, become fond of the characters and really enjoy the ride.

You get all three Indiana Jones moves in here - with detailed scene by scene recreations. In addition there are extra levels for Young Indiana Jones and the traditional smash-all-you-can level as well. There are tons of in-jokes - many characters from Star Wars make appearances in here.

The basic operation of the game is that you and a friend (or a computer AI) go romping through a Lego recreation of a given scene from the movie. Maybe you're running to escape a giant rolling ball. Maybe you're wandering around a mysterious library looking to create a letter X. Whatever it is, you bash everything you see, breaking the Lego pieces apart, earning coins to then buy new characters, special unlocks, and much more. There are puzzles to solve, enemies to bash, but it's all in good fun. It's not violent (although I suppose some might say that having a little Indiana Jones take his whip and cause a little tribesman to fall into Lego component parts is violent).

It's not just a game for kids - as adults, my boyfriend and I have had great fun with both Lego games. It's neat that a second player can "pop in" at any time, play along for a while to help out, and then "pop out" again.

I would love to see more movies go through the Lego process. How about Lego Lord of the Rings? That would be incredible :) Until then, though, I definitely recommend Lego Indiana Jones.

Rating: 5/5

Lego Indiana Jones Walkthrough

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