The Bachelor-Episode 6

The Bachelor-Episode 6
3 dates in Aruba
This episode begins with all 3 remaining contestants, and let’s not forget that is what they are, arriving in Aruba; each surprised by the arrival of the others. In past editions of the Bachelor, the individual dates after the parents meetings take place on separate and faraway island locations. We can only imagine that this switch in the program is to set up a fighting octagon to stage the intense conflict between Sarah W. and Krisily.

Charlie calls Sarah W. the next morning to arrange a meeting for the first date of the trip. Sarah W. trots out of the hotel, climbing into the Jeep set to take her to the rendezvous spot wearing a Khaki green bikini that reveals more than any lady should with room for an elephant in the space between her legs. “All I want to do is have fun and so does she and that’s what makes us a great match,” Charlie says about his date with Sarah W. Commando leap into the Jeep to meet Charlie. They take 4 wheelers to a picnic by the water.

Later, we see Sarah W. and Charlie having a night snack by the water and Krisily takes a late night walk and spies on their date. With Krisily lurking about, Charlie and Sarah W.S have a swim off, though Sarah W is wearing only a coverup, she says before hitting the water, “I wish I would have worn underwear”. And this is the woman that professes such class. Maybe watching herself on the show will give her a much needed wake up call about her own sense of class. Before ending the night, Sarah W. and Charlie end up lip locked and lip biting in the water.

The next morning, Charlie calls Sarah B and they are off to their sailboat. Charlie phones and offers to meet at the beach. He tells the camera that they are really starting to get along, but haven’t kissed yet. People kiss in Aruba, Charlie says. Sarah says her guard is up but that she wants to have a good time, wants him to have a good time and make the most of the experience.

On their date, Sarah admits to having been engaged prior, but that she doesn’t want to make a mistake again. She needs more time and wants to make sure Charlie is the right person and Charlie says he likes her more for that. They take rope dives into the water. “I’m dying to kiss you, I’m dying”, Charlie says and leans into Sarah B for a long but tight lipped kiss laying in a hammock on the boat. Not above begging, he says he is doing back flips for the kiss and off the boat for some fun in the sun. It’s getting clearer that Charlie is falling for Sarah B. The contrast between Sarah B. and the other ladies is that she held something back. She made Charlie chase her. The thrill of the hunt or just impressed by meeting a woman with some values, Charlie chased her.

While Sarah B. and Charlie are on their date, we forward to Krisily (eating dinner) as Sarah W. approaches. With what at first seemed to be a mutual agreement to lay down their weapons, the women talk about their days on the island and Sarah W. says she wants things to be cool between them as long as Krisily agrees to not discuss her with Charlie. Afterwards, alone with the camera, Sarah says that Krisily is not at a point in her life to know what she is talking about. From those of us in the audience, neither are you dear, neither are you. There is a flashback to both of them in the salon and Sarah W. turns to Krisily while they are getting manicures and tells her that she hopes Charlie doesn’t pick her “because you are horrible. You’re a nightmare.” Pot meet kettle.

Back on their date, Charlie tells Sarah B. that he could see himself with her and they discuss relocation. Sarah B. says that moving isn’t an issue and that the biggest issue for her is finding the connection. More kisses. Sarah B. walls being broken down as Charlie asks her to come back to his place because he doesn’t want the night to end.

The pair head back to Charlie’s digs for the vacation at the Radisson Aruba. Massive and tastefully decorated with island regalia, Charlie’s suite is a palace, even the terrace as big as most NYC apartments. Sarah B confesses to Charlie that she can’t stay the night, but they share a few more kisses before ending the date and they kiss more. Charlie tells the camera that he has reservations because they haven’t had enough time together as he watches her leave.

In the morning, Charlie calls Krisily and informs her that they will be heading on a private island for their date. As she decides on an outfit, we see that each item in her wardrobe is varying shades of pink. On the date, Krisily says Charlie makes her feel like she is a better person and brings out the little kid in her. Charlies affirms his reason for being on the show and says he isn’t there to hurt any feelings as he watches Krisily nervously chomp on the cherry in her drink. They kiss before deciding to go snorkeling where they write notes and kiss under water and continue out of the water in the outdoor shower.

Sarah W is shown splashing in the water by herself and says Charlie is going to have the image of her while out on every date and that she really isn’t worried about it(meaning the other women).

Meanwhile, Krisily and Charlie take a catamaran over to the restaurant and watch the sunset. Krisily is enamored with all of her firsts on the island and admits to never experiencing anything like it before. Charlie says he is glad to give Krisily the things she hasn’t had in her life before. She has already fully decided that she is right for him and that terrifies him. In a heartfelt admission, Krisily tells Charlie that she thought he was out of her league because she has a little house and a typical family. She says she feels like a princess and says this is a Cinderella story. Charlie asks her to have a nightcap in his room, with his already buzzed sounding drawl.

Asked if he could love Krisily, Charlie says there are definitely feelings that could say yes. On the date, Krisily says that she would love nothing more than to wake up next to Charlie the next morning. She says that being able to laugh and joke with one another is important but being intimate with each other is as important as anything else. He says he does want her to spend the night and says they can figure out the rest of the stuff afterwards. “Thank you for always making me feel so special,” she says as they depart the terrace for more intimate areas of Charlie’s suite.

At the hotel, Sarah W. catches Sarah B. on her balcony and is waved up for a glass of wine. Comparing notes about their dates, Sarah B. tells Sarah W. about their first kiss and W. replies with an empty “That’s sweet”, with nothing but envy in her eyes. Privately,W. says she is not threatened because there is no way that B is as much fun as her. Sarah W. tells Sarah B. about her conversation with Krisily and says that she doesn’t like her and never will. Again, I’m guessing the feeling is mutual.

At the rose ceremony the next day, Krisily tells Charlie that she had a wonderful night with him; that it was romantic and words cannot describe it and that she looks forward to more sunsets with him. Sarah W. privately says she knew she would be the last girl standing from day one because she is a great catch and Charlie would be an idiot to pass her up. Krisily continues and plays the jealousy card when the tells Charlie in front of the other ladies that she loved waking up next to him. Sarah B. tells him she had a great time and that it was the best date she ever had and adds that she can’t wait to meet his family. Sarah W. is brief and says she is also looking forward to meeting his family.

Holding a rose, Charlie calls out the name Sarah, confusing two of the ladies that share the name, before finally clarifying Sarah B. The second name he calls is Krisily, leaving a rejected and stunned Sarah W. by the ocean side. “So that’s it,” she says as Charlie walks her out. “Why,” she asks him as they sit down on a bench. Charlie tells her that there are times they get along and then there are awkward moments that he can’t figure out. W shakes her head and says, “ That answers why. I guess that’s it. There is nothing else to say.”

In the car, Sarah W. begins her scorned rant. “Charlie just wasted two roses. I’m a way better catch than the two other girls. This sickens me.” It sickens all of us Sarah. Believe me.

She breaks down in the car and adds again, for the 98th time that she is a great catch. She continues until she ends up in tears and says people are mean to her because of how she looks and people hate her because she is beautiful which is a curse as much as it is a blessing to be pretty. She says it is a huge prejudice and racist and if she had been a little less pretty and less noticeable.

The host tells Charlie, Sarah B. and Krisily, that unlike previous Bachelor’s they will all be returning home for time to date in the real world before Charlie has to make his final decision. Next week, the ‘Women tell all’ episode. Look out Sarah W. They are likely coming after you on this one.

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