How to get a Quality Reading

How to get a Quality Reading
Unless you are just curios, often emotions and a sense of urgency lead to a person’s first experience with a psychic. Although this may be a good prompt for getting alternative insight to situations where we have exhausted other means a quality reading is much more obtainable when approached as level headed as possible.

First, assuming you’ve found a reader you feel comfortable with, it is best to be as specific as possible with what you'd like to better understand. Knowing there may be several different areas in a situation needing clarification try to focus on one particular thought at a time.

Information enters the clairvoyant much like water does to a sponge. It is very rapid, often with overlapping images and dimensions. Instincts aligned with these images and sensations are used in navigation before offering verbal confirmation. When the client is able to hold their own energy to one particular channel or idea we are more able to connect this information to past and current energies affecting the situation at hand.

Next, though it may be difficult, try to leave desired outcomes to the side. When a clairvoyant offers their service they are in effect offering a piece of their spirit and with permission guides to provide information of the higher self. When someone comes into a reading with a set agenda almost immediately a limitations have been set in motion.

Anger, sarcasm and withholding information can cloud a reading as well, similar to the energy left in a room after someone has been fighting. Many times a clairvoyant will be able to isolate the source of the negative energy but still the reading will not go smoothly it there are verbal and energy obstacles.

Also remember clairvoyants are human and we can reach a roadblock. Messages can become broken and unclear. There are several reasons why this may happen. There can be a more important issue at hand that needs addressing outside of the question presented. Information may be withheld by the querrant, and timeliness of information received are among a few. If given the opportunity a good reader can reconnect on a different level or direction continuing the reading. Much like changing a channel for a clearer reception on a portable phone

When you do have a reader asking for information, though most clairvoyants will ask for little, try not to expound on the subject until a later time. Words can garble the interpretation in progress. A clairvoyant knows you would like some kind of resolution and will usually try their very best for this to happen. Almost immediately when you try to analyze how a situation should come together your mind will use a different portion of the mind causing messages to become lost in interpretation.

Finally, understand a reading is only information received and then passed on to the questioner. It is given in hopes a person is able to better achieve success in a confusing matter. It is good to note though many clairvoyants, psychics and mediums can be acute in accuracy they are not perfect and outcomes are NEVER set in stone.

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