Is Our Reality A Reflection Of Our Consciousness

Is Our Reality A Reflection Of Our Consciousness
Life can seem unfair, with some living in abundance and others living in poverty. I often ponder these perceived inequalities and wonder whether our experiences are a reflection of our consciousness rather than a twist of fate.

On a basic level this means we limit our experiences because we cannot comprehend different scenarios. An example of this could be; you believe with all your heart that life is scary and bad things happen all the time. Thinking in this way pre-programs the mind to find all the instances where that is the case. We validate it and experience it, therefore it must be so.

When we think in such ways, we block the possibility of anything else being possible for us. We do not notice the good things that happen, and we overlook the times when people look out for each other. We only see what is in our consciousness about that situation.

This may sound logical for practical day to day situations, but what about groups of people born into countries that are poverty stricken, or born into affluence? Is that down to luck?

Quantum physicist’s research has shown than energy cannot be created or destroyed. In that case, we are energy so we cannot be created or destroyed at our core. The energy pattern that is ‘us’ continues with us into the next experience we have. If we die believing in poverty and a world of lack, perhaps we will be born into such situations that justify our thoughts and beliefs about that.

When we believe in anything strongly enough we make it true for us, and therefore validate our thoughts about it. I love the quote from Illusions by Richard Bach “argue for your limitations and they are yours”. What we are doing it holding on to a limiting belief and perpetuating it. In doing so, we make it ‘our reality’. This by no means makes it ‘the reality’.

Thinking in such ways keeps us stuck, and perpetuates our life experiences. When we stop and question why we are thinking the thoughts we think, we start to empower ourselves towards new perspectives and opportunities. We open our mind to another outcome that we perhaps may not have believed possible in the past.

It seems to me that what we bring to life we experience more of, and until we start to change our mind we cannot experience it in any other way. However, I wonder if we are thinking the way we do because of conditioning, and because we do not know any better? Is it our fault that we think in the way we do, and therefore limit our experiences? Or is it because what we see in the world compels us to adopt these ways of thinking?

Are we actually choosing our beliefs, and then our experiences, or are we really thinking unconsciously and automatically? All spiritual teachings say that success is a mind-set, so you can only experience success depending on your beliefs about it.

It is interesting to look at your life and identify what is ‘not working’. This gives you an insight into the areas that you are thinking thoughts that are not in alignment with where you want to be. Once identified, all you need to do is change your thoughts to ones that are more supportive of your goal.

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