Writing Prompts for the Presidential Election

Writing Prompts for the Presidential Election
Topical subjects, like the 2012 Presidential Election, are perfect ways to excite your homeschooler about writing. Here are several ideas to use in your homeschool classroom to explore this fascinating topic and encourage your child to write. Each of these topics can be tailored to your child's individual level. For example, younger children may be able to have a simple discussion about the candidates and write a sentence or two or even draw a picture. Older students may be capable of researching facts and completing essay style writing.

1. Compare and Contrast- Have your homeschooler complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the two presidential candidates. Older students can research the views of Romney and Obama as well. There are some things that both candidates have in common too. This might be a good activity to complete after watching the debate with your older student.

2. Diary Entry- Have your child write a diary or journal entry that a presidential candidate might write the night before the election. Discuss the feelings that your child would have if he or she were in a race for president, and how they would deal with a potential win or disappointment.

3. Create and Describe-If you could create a political party to represent your concerns for America what would it be? What would your symbol be? What types of values would you strive for? What type of laws would you like to see in effect or programs your party would like to have implemented?

4. Persuasive Piece- Should U.S. citizens be allowed to vote before age 18? Should the voting age be raised? Be sure to have plenty of examples to back up your opinion.

5. Put it in a Poem- The democratic process in the U.S. is an amazing process. After studying how this process, as well as the election process works (individualized to each age/grade level) write a poem to share your thoughts. Haiku, Acrostic, Free Verse or even a Limerick will work here. Be creative!

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