What should I feed my Iguana?

What should I feed my Iguana?
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Green Iguanas need a large variety in their diet. I would recommend feeding them twice a day, one meal consisting of mainly leafy greens, the other a fruit and vegetable mix. The vegetables should be fed in the morning. Meat should be avoided, along with lettuce like iceberg, green leaf, and red leaf which contain few nutrients. Supplements should be added to their diet and a daytime temperature of 85 degrees should be maintained for about 10 hours to allow for proper digestion.
Greens 2/3 of their diet
Greens should be prepared with a calcium carbonate supplement and multi-vitamin supplement sprinkled on three, for healthy adults, to seven times a week for the younger and breeding iguanas. Dandelion greens and flowers are a great choice along with mustard, collared greens, and turnip greens. Romaine, green and red leaf lettuce can be used too. Spinach and kale should be used sparingly. If you wash your greens then shake them dry before you chop them, the supplements will stick to the leaves with out dripping off. The greens should be torn or chopped into pieces small enough for your iguana to easily fit in its mouth.
Vegetables 1/6 of their diet
Vegetables like green beans, carrots, squash, turnip, beans and peas need to be prepared for your iguana. Green beans carrots, squash, turnip and peas should be chopped or shredded into bite size pieces and steamed. Steaming can be done on the stove or in the microwave. To steam in the microwave chop first, if needed, then place in a microwave safe container with a loose fitting cover. Add one to two tablespoons of water depending on the amount of vegetables being steamed. (About 1tbsp. per cup full) Try microwaving on high about 30 seconds per cupful, add another 10 seconds, if needed, until vegetables are tender. Let cool. For dry beans, let soak over night and cook according to package directions. Add about 1 tablespoon, per cupful, of powdered alfalfa supplement (for additional fiber) to your iguanas vegetables once cool enough to eat.
Fruits 1/6 of their diet
Fruits can be fed with or alternated daily with the vegetables. Strawberries with tops, cantaloupe melon, bananas, apples, honeydew melon, avocados, grapes,
mango, kiwi, and even blueberries are good fruit choices. These should also be chopped or shredded into bite size pieces. Add 1 tablespoon, per cupful, of powdered alfalfa supplement (for additional fiber) to your iguanas fruit choices which can be mixed with the vegetables.
Iguanas are vegetarians and should not be fed any meat, mice, insects, dog or cat food. Their digestive system can not handle it. Even though they may eat this if it is offered, feeding meats may shorten their lifespan.
Where can I get these supplements?
You can find these at most local pet stores and health food stores, or support this site by ordering your choices through the link below.
Some of the multi-vitamins contain alfalfa and calcium too. Be sure not to double dose your pet.

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