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Crocodilia Order
You will learn more about alligators, caimans, crocodiles and gavials.

What are the differences between reptiles, amphibians and their species?

Hop on over for information related to the feeding, housing and care of frogs, including aquatic frogs.

Click here for information regarding the housing and general care requirements of various types of lizards, including lizards kept as pets and lizards found in the back yard.

Information about newts is providing in this section.

Information regarding the care, housing and indentification of salamanders.

Slither in for information regarding the housing and care of various types of snakes kept as pets, in addition to information regarding snakes that may be found in your own back yard.

Learn the characteristics of toads and what makes them different from frogs.

You can read articles about tortoises.

This link will lead you to information regarding both turtles and tortoises, including housing, feeding and general care requirements.

Be sure to visit the Reptiles and Amphibians Archives for all the articles!

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