Swirl Marks and Spider Web Removal

Swirl Marks and Spider Web Removal
Swirl Marks and Spider Web marks are caused by oxidization, exposure to dirty roads, dirty or rough towels and countless other things in the elments, like just driving! There are so very many products out there that help to elmininate or minimize them but there are no remedies to prevent them...except to never drive your car! I have a black vehicle--two of them in fact. I have tried many products like ScratchX and Clay bars. I have found that the best way to keep those unsightly swirl marks and spider webs at bay is by using an implement that will fill in the swirl marks and spider webs and form a bond for protection from future marks and indentations to the enamel. But first, let's determine what causes swirl marks and spider webs. When we detail our vehicles, are we using the right towel? For years, I've used the ever faithful terry towel. Terry towels can/will scratch your finish by moving oxidization and dirt around on your finish/enamel! I have since discovered the Microfiber Towel. Since I have been using these wonderful towels, I have noticed many benefits to using them. The biggest one is that Microfiber picks up the foreign matter and buries it into the towel, holding it while the polish, wax or liquid implement gets transfered onto the paint's surface. After you have transferred the material onto your surface, get a clean Microfiber Towel to remove the implement applied. Always use a clean part of the towel when removing wax and polish from the surface. The implement I have found to be the very best for me and my clients is Meguiar's Cleaner Wax & Deep Crystal Caranuba Wax--in that order! I have tried and tested many products out there and for me, what really works for filling in those nasty marks are the Meguiar's Deep Crystal Cleaner Wax and Deep Crystal Caranuba Wax combination. I have had many, many compliments on my work after detailing a vehicle. The surface should always be CLEAN to start! I recommend Mr. Clean Auto Dry Pro-Series to wash your car. The stuff is da' bomb! Of ALL the car washes I've tried out there, Mr. Clean gets the vehicles the cleanest! This is why, when I wax a vehicle, the waxes really bond to the enamel, fills in those surface indentations and the vehicle's color explodes! YOU MUST ALWAYS START WITH A CLEAN SURFACE! Take the time to examine your car regularly to determine any problematic areas--lower skirt area, front end, hood and all side panels. Those areas should be monitored regularly, even daily! So if Swirl Marks and Spider Webs are your problem, you might want to consider using something that will FILL IN the and bond to those unsightly indentations or scratches and ALWAYS use Microfiber Towels--they ARE the best out there for your paint's finish, hands down!

Meguiar's Deep Crystal Cleaner Wax, Polish and Caranuba Wax are a part of an extraordinary 3-step system that will knock your socks off! Only you'd better set aside a half of a day to do it, however, it's worth it--your vehcile is worth it! Visit Meguiar's at www.meguiars.com and ask an expert. You'll be glad you did! Til next time, keep it clean and drive safely. -Marie

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