Gardens of Light Gardens of Stone

Gardens of Light Gardens of Stone
There is no question we are entering a period of heightened awareness. The economy today has only revealed through its own merit what we already knew but were slow to embrace and admit. Families are struggling, jobs have been shuffled. All of these things are leading and preparing for a presense and contemplation and self-evaluation. How can we apply this heightened sense of awareness in trying periods of transition.

With many of our resources diminishing we are now faced with having to make every attempt to resolve our conflicts and material difficulties within our own means. Had we not endured the hardship, however, of separating our own identity from those laid out for us through somebody else’s definition we may never have had this opportunity.

Through this upheaval there are now individuals seeing clearly for the first time they are worth significantly more than a mere .25-.50 increase over a 6-month period of time or are simply under appreciated for the work they do. There are others who are experiencing the feeling of betrayal from a corporation whom they committed three quarters of their waking and spiritual lives in the name of a dividend increase for the company. Those who have kept a paying job are finding they are doing the work-load of 3 or 4 people’s jobs. Those who have lost a job or about ready to are seeing they are more than the worth someone or something else had placed upon them.

No body enjoys a constant upheaval and restriction in life. Yet without knowing it many have adopted this over a period of time as a system of survival in the name of a salary and benefits. Slowly the light which once was, dimmed to a garden of stone. One by one the things that use to matter and motivate were no longer a necessity.

We are now having to foccus on our own backyard and the garden with which we will grow from. What will we plant? There is a wonderful system incorporated by the serious gardener. For every plant you have growing one year alternate it the following with a different variety. In this the elements of the soil have a chance to recuperate keeping the soil from depleting the vital resources which give life. This ironically holds the blueprint of what we can see to be held within our own resources for development.

We have seen the effects of not only planting someone else’s garden, never tending to our own and those of planting the same crop over and over again depleting soil over time. We are held back only by what we think of ourselves. Many of us have already experienced a reality through what someone else thinks of us or doesn't. For every person reading this, a person knowing what he or she is in their hearts are most fertile in their existance no matter what they are going through. A gift of individuality is more than just a kind of personality in any given time time. Planting what you love can only produce more of the same. Internally what is needed in cultivating a personal investment will be understood. Why now and how could this be a distinct possibility? Because it is our own garden of light brought to us through the grounds of possibilities!

Peace and perseverance ~ Elleise

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