Using Your Content To Open Doors

Using Your Content To Open Doors
In your personal chef business using your content strategically can mean the difference between doors flying open for you or you, with all your culinary excellence, being an also ran. On and offline content is a powerful tool that has many uses. In this article you will learn the fundamentals of using your content to open doors for your personal chef business. We will cover:
  • Choosing which doors to access

  • Gearing your content towards them or to get their attention

  • Making relevant references

Choosing which doors to access
When choosing your doors you should look at your whole picture. What's going to work for you? How can you positively contribute? or better yet, What's in it for them? In what ways will this help grow your business? How many other ways can you leverage it? If any of these questions deliver a less than pleasing answer, you'll either have to build up your ROI or choose other doors that will have high impact for you and the ones on the other side of the door. The important thing here is to always structure a win-win-win relationship by providing high value with your content.

  • Busy health conscious professionals

  • Retirement facilities

  • Professional Athletes

Gearing your content towards them
In order to reach your intended audience and create the traction that's going to build your business, you've got to talk their language. Now I'm not referring to a language like Swahili, Spanish or French, per se, but I'm referring to the language of their needs and the solutions your services provide. Let's take the busy health conscious professionals. If you've ever experienced that lifestyle, you know it's wrought with the challenges of balancing life and lifestyle. Here's what I mean...

Your prospect, the busy professional, has a lot of demands on them. They're under lot of pressure to perform well in their industry and, if they have a family, are still needing to connect with their loved ones to make sure those bonds stay strong.

Shouldn't your content speak to that?

Of course it should! Your content should be geared towards answering the questions they have and taking care of the needs they may not even know they have. Here's a quick and painless brainstorming activity that'll help get you in touch with your future 'busy professional' clientele.

Answer these questions:
  • What are the top three main challenges your busy professional clients face?

  • How can your services solve them?

  • Where do your clients congregate?

  • What avenues would connect you to your clients?

Making relevant references
This is all about establishing your credibility and showing that you know what to do to meet the needs of your prospects.
References can be done a number of ways. If you're the type who's been out there a while with great results, testimonials/success stories, you can reference your own experience when creating content to reach new prospects.

  • Over the years I've worked with busy professionals not only designing tasty, nutritious menus for them, but they've, on average, consistently lost weight and inches without having to diet. My process has always focused on convenient, flavorful, whole meals.

That would be one of mine from my personal experiences. If you don't have your own you can borrow from others' experiences, literature, professional interviews [interviews with dieticians, cardiologists, nutritionists, nephrologists, allergists, etc.] or processes you study and model your programs after [Pritikin, Weider's, Jenny Craig, Nutri Systems, Weight Watchers, etc.], your country's statistics [national obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes rates, etc.]. There are numerous places and ways to glean from and hone your offerings and make the relevant references that will peak your prospects interest. For starters, try any or all of the above.

There you have it. When you design your content you want to take many things into consideration, namely what doors you want it to open for you, before producing it. It can be a powerful medium and tool or a major waste of time, resources and energy. It all depends on how you intend to and ultimately use it.

Remember to always Choose your doors, Gear your content and Make relevant references.

As always, it's been my pleasure sharing these business building strategies with you. Until next time...

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