Wow! My No Wet Waterless Car Wash Experience

Wow!  My No Wet Waterless Car Wash Experience
My experience with No-Wet products started out with very good results! In fact, my rims are STILL going strong on the shine! The only thing I've done to both my rims and tires are wiping off road dust at the end of the day with my Microfiber Towel, of course. So I figure I'd better get moving on to the Waterless Car Wash that's supposed to do everything in one shot! Well, I parked my car in the shade and let it cool off. In the mean time, I read the directions thinking this product MUST be complicated or multi-directional--NOT! It simply says to pour the Car Wash into the spray bottle (provided), shake for 10-20 seconds, pump the bottle with the provided pressurizer which, by the way, really makes the application process quite delightful! The average car can be done with just about 3 ounces of No-Wet Waterless Car Wash!

The first thing I did was dust my car with my California Duster. The excess dust can get built up in the microfiber towel, so I like to keep my micofiber as dirt free as possible. If you have mud or dirt caked on the vehicle--clean it off! If you must go to the car wash to wash off thick, dried mud and God knows we've seen it all, you MUST HAVE A DRY SURFACE! Please use common sense folks! As with every product you are unsure of--ALWAYS TEST A SMALL AREA FIRST! Anyway, I take out a clean microfiber cloth and fold into fourths. On one side, I spray the Car Wash onto the cloth and then mist a little Car Wash onto the area I am going to test. When I wipe the surface from left-to-right, I see a light haze and I notice how smooth it felt. I wait about 20 seconds, it dries and I flip the Microfiber over to a dry side a wipe left-to-right and buff to a shine. You can feel the Car Wash lifting off the foreign elements and oxidization. I was pretty amazed! I finished the rest of my car in sections as directed and I really like how smooth my finish looked and FELT! And, WOW! My color was deep and dark, not gray and hazy (it's a black car thang!). The shine was rather impressive as well! I figured it would look even shinier if I applied some Detailing Mist--it Did! My hood has, or should I say "had" a few little spots that had little cracks in it--they are now filled in and smooth. I have been trying to get that effect from many, many other products that claim to do it! Anyway, I had some time to spare since this task usually takes me a couple of hours. I had finished, including detailing mist in an hour! With the second hour, I cleaned my dash board, shift console and door panels, switches, the gear shift handle and I even touched up the carpet's spots! All I can say about this product is WOW!! I really liked the results I got from this MAGNIFICENT detailing implement called No-Wet Waterless Car Wash! They should have called it No-Wet One-Step Car Protector! You will love this one--especially those who simply don't have the time to do a complete detail! With this product, you get a complete detail EVERY TIME! I still had a little left in the bottle too! Five stars for No-Wet Car Wash! Keep it clean and shiny! -Marie

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