MS Word Unique Techniques - Formatting

MS Word Unique Techniques - Formatting
Quick ways to add formatting to your word documents to give them unique styling.

Change Case
Shift +F3 key combination will toggle through 3 of Word’s change case commands: ALL CAPS, First Letter Caps, and all lowercase. Select the word or selection of words for which you want to change the case the press the keystroke combination.

Graphic Line Format
You can insert a graphic horizontal line above your paragraph using the Borders and Shading command found on the Format menu. In Word 2000 and XP, you will find a Horizontal Line button at the bottom of the dialog box which will display approximately 70 horizontal line choices to insert into your document.

Changing the Font Default
You can change the default Font attributes in the Format | Font dialog box on the Font tab. Make your choice selections for Font type, size, and attributes; then click on the Default button in the bottom left hand side of the dialog box.

Applying Heading Formats
You can quickly format several headings throughout your document in the same way.

• Select the first heading.
• Select Format | Font from the main Word Menu
• Make your formatting choices from the Font dialog box.
• Click on OK

To Format the remaining headings in the same way.
• Select the next heading and press the F4 key and it will repeat the last instructions received.

Word interprets all of the choices made in a dialog as one set of instructions; therefore, the F4 key will repeat the formatting you desire. Remember, however, you cannot perform any other instructions in between because the F4 key is designed to repeat the last action taken.

Using Newspaper Column Format
Setting up your document up in a newspaper column style is easy using the columns tool found on the Standard toolbar.
• Click on the Columns button
• Highlight the number of columns you want on the page. If you want more than 4 columns using the portrait page set up, hold your mouse key down to stretch up to 6 columns. The same technique applies for up to 9 columns in a landscape page set up
• Release your mouse button and the document with automatically format into the number of columns you have specified

Add a Page Border

Add a little style to your document by creating a border around your pages. Here’s how:
• Select Borders and Shading from the Format menu.
• Click on the Page Borders tab of the Borders and Shading dialog box.
• Make your selections from:
• Settings
• Line Style or Art
• Color
• Weight or thickness
• Choose which borders you want to be displayed, (i.e., right, left, top, and bottom.)
• Chose on which pages you want the borders to be displayed from the Apply drop down (i.e., Whole Document, This Section, First Page Only, All but First Page.)
• Click on OK when done.

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