Tales of Tarot vol 3 no 3 June 2005

Tales of Tarot vol 3 no 3 June 2005

Tales of Tarot Newsletter

By June Kaminski
from BellaOnline

Volume 3, Number 3 - June, 2005


Happy Father's Day! The 21st century ushers in complicated energy for the men on this planet who have adopted the role of fatherhood. This energy brings both blessings and challenges, but everyone would probably agree - being a father in this day and age is not a simple or easy task. Our hats are off to all of those strong, brave men who wholeheartedly embrace the duties and responsibilities of being a role model, provider, and advisor to today's children. We also acknowledge the millions of men who offer open and total support to their wives and the mothers of their children. They understand that women do not have it easy, and they adapt their own roles to reciprocate and complement the multi-fauceted roles adopted by the women of the new millennium. This energy brings to mind the tarot trump card: THE EMPEROR.

Useful features on the BellaOnline Tarot site now include a Question and Answer column, tarot webrings you can explore to experience hundreds of sites devoted to women, the tarot and other metaphysical topics and Tarot Spreads 101. Our tarot primer section is also growing, bringing you in-depth overviews of the basics and intricasies of the Tarot. My new Terra Tarot Deck is underway. This deck is a work in progress and begins with the Number 0 card, The Fool. Each card will be available for download for BellaOnline readers. The next card in this deck, The Magician or Magus has been delayed, but will be released soon. Another feature, Tarot Analysis presents an overview of each of the Tarot cards, beginning again with the Fool.

Great products geared to the practice of serious Tarot reading are featured in the Tarot shop. Visit us at BellaOnline Tarot to check them out! If you have a question you would like to see published in the newsletter (or the Question and Answer section of the site) or you wish to contribute to this publication, kindly send in your submission to BellaOnline by emailing me at:
tarot@bellaonline.com .

The Emperor

The Emperor is the Number 4 card of the Major Arcana. He brings the energy of authority, rationality, leadership, and stability, action and self-discipline. He brings us the fortitude to make it through the long-haul, and reap the rewards of our efforts and diligence. He promises promotions and advances as we exercise responsibility and respect in our personal and professional undertakings. The Emperor is a mature, strong regal man full of confidence and wisdom. He is the strong-willed, benevolent patriarch, looking fondly at his protege.


Stability *** Leadership *** Self-Discipline*** Action

Reincarnation - Past Life Workbook

The tarot can help you to remember pertinent Past Lives, so you can use this knowledge to enhance and fulfill your current life. My Past Life Workbook will also help. Explore your Soul history to find out which past lives are relevant now! Safe and fun! $4.99.

Princess or Page - Why the Duality in the Tarot?
Explore why some Tarot decks have Princesses or Princes while others have Pages or Knights.

The Quest Tarot Deck : A Review
In my mind, the Quest Tarot represents the epitome of the New Millennium, the 21st century as far as Tarot decks and books go. Others must agree!


This newest feature presents a basic analysis of the entire Tarot Deck, one card at a time. The first card in review is the The Number 0 card of the Major Arcana: The Fool.

This new feature will be a long work in progress since it will showcase a labor of love: my new Terra Tarot Deck, one card at a time. The first card available for download is The Number 0 card of the Major Arcana: The Fool.

Tarot Shop
Develop your Tarot skills and knowledge! Browse through our assortment of tarot decks, books and software. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one delivered securely from Amazon.

Several webrings exist that showcase many interesting and very educational web sites devoted to Tarot and metaphysics as well as women´s issues.

Tarot Primer
Articles on the Tarot Channel that offer in-depth overviews and guidance related to the fundamentals of tarot card interpretation: spreads, suits, gender, and so on.

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