Eagle One Nano Polish Protects Your Rims

Eagle One Nano Polish Protects Your Rims
Recently, I saw a very nice Jaguar parked in front of my house. I was very impressed until I noticed the rims!! I tend to rate cars when I see them drive by. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highest, the rims are ALWAYS a factor in rating! I truly believe a vehicle looks its best when the rims are clean and shiny.

Eagle One Nano Polish has given me the shiniest, cleanest and most protected polished aluminum rims I've ever had! In my detailing business, I have seen many rims destroyed by corrosion. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to save them once they have begun to peel and flake. It is in our best interest NOT to let brake dust remain on our rims! We seriously need to do our best to keep our rims clean. Thus, preventing black rims and corrosion which takes away from the overall look of a vehicle.

When I inspect a vehicle prior to detailing it, I note specific key spots--one of those spots is the rims! I have seen some really black rims and I have restored them with Eagle One Nano Polish! It is also a miracle on chrome trim and bumpers! I swear by this stuff!

I simply take a microfiber towel that is on its last leg. One that is cleaned but stained or is going to be tossed anyway. Cleaning rims with towels or rags should be done with a towel that will be tossed anyway--DO NOT USE A NEW OR SLIGHTLY USED TOWEL! Trust me, you will want to throw the towel away when you have finished applying the Eagle One Nano Polish to your rims. Cleaning dirty rims is a very dirty job. I apply Eagle One Nano Polish sparingly onto the surface agitating the dirt/brake dust--loosening it. I do this to all four rims so the Eagle One Nano Polish can do its job. Then, I go back to the first rim with another towel that is on its way out and I wipe the grime off--it WILL definitely come off! If there are stubborn spots, I apply a little more and I rub firmly and the grime is removed and the rim is restored to its original state--shiny, clean and attractive in motion.

Eagle One Nano Polish is best for cleaning your rims. It has no acidic affect on your skin, it has an oil base so it won't dry and flake or leave a white chalky residue. It is indeed better than all those other spray on, spray off cleaners. I have yet to see one of those cleaners work on really black rims. Eagle One Nano Polish is THE only metal polish that indeed protects your rims and metal from corrosion.

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