Miracles in the Heartland

Miracles in the Heartland
Individuals with spiritual a vocation will tell you that the journey can be bittersweet. It is paved with many challenges that are difficult to walk away from and for good reason.

In any physical endeavor there are times when we may rethink why it is we took on a certain project or possibly we may even give up, setting aside a desire for family or finances as it would be most difficult to coexist at the same time. Spiritually, we may also cease to experience the kinds of material comforts we may have been used to as we progress. Where at one time we may have been able to weigh out the kinds of avenues and activities we wished to engage, we may now be asking ourselves, "What is it we can do without?" requiring a steady hand at ego’s pace.

As technology takes leaps and bounds into our moment by moment existence we too are in need of finding spiritual teachers just as effortlessly and against the adversity that comes with the territories of change.

In the past and presently unchanged, topics of spirituality along with religious opposition has left open a lane of competition. In fact religion and spirituality are most impossible to exist aside from one another. Quite literally they go hand in hand with religion becoming cold and dictating without spirituality as well as spiritality without religion assuming loose, spiraling out of control credit being taken by the individual alone. Spirituality simply could not manifest without the presence of God.

This can explain the elevated restless and discomfort experienced by those motivated to heal over the past decade or so by mediums, psychics, clairvoyance,empaths, homeopathy, etc.

I believe spiritualtiy and miracles today are as prevalent as they were in biblical times. Though many are discarded or explained by current knowlege or parables. However like the camel unwilling to raise itself from the sands when weary our hearts can mimic much the same heaviness. We have always been gifted with the will to see what we want to see. Regardless of the many religions existing, the number is not necessarily a negative in itself. Arguments, wars, and politics in the name of spirit is.

Times change, something not unfamiliar to those of biblical days. However, when our hearts are hardened we are hardened from seeing clearly the images God has for us. When this happens we too will separate ourselves from the creative spirit from which we came.

There was a time when miracles and prophecies were spoken frequently. It was a time when consciousness of the people was open to seeing spirit, formation was recorded. Certain cities were benign finding destruction waiting shortly on the outskirts.

Miracles by and far have represented mass group observations and events affirming the presence of God. Clearly we can see this today even more should the heart be in a receptive state of consciousness. Until then we are allotted faith. As this is retained we will need the necessary means by which to carry spiritual growth to the next level. As the culmination of daily miracles continue and for those willing to share, we make more availability the freedom to see in the heartland miracles of the many who wish to, widening the pathway of spirituality in itself.

For every success story, there is a pain with which dire circumstance survives. An obstacle of magnitude removed and a miracle revealed. It does not matter whether circumstances present themselves for explanation, and matters even less of the critical eye. If the presence of God has made itself clearly known it can and should be shared with those in need. It is not so much the natural in the supernatural as it is the appropriate timing for the occurrence making plain the affirmation known.

Blessings and Peace ~ Elleise

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