Mr. Clean Auto Dry Pro Series Delivers A Like-New Shine!

Mr. Clean Auto Dry Pro Series Delivers A Like-New Shine!
Washing my car with water is not something I can say that I do (much) anymore! Since I discovered waterless car washing, I really haven't given the "old" way a second thought. However, one muggy Saturday morning, I thought I would use my Mr. Clean Auto Dry Pro Series Kit because I did have some mud on my skirt from the day before!

While I was dragging the old hose out from behind the house, I immediately remembered why I don't like to wash my car the "old" way! But, I digress. I remembered that Mr. Clean Auto Dry is one of my favorites and I did need to get that mud off my skirt. So I assembled the hose to the Spray Nozzle assembly, commenced to fill the car wash soap into the reservoir, checked my filter cartridge and began to spray my car with water. I then turned the nozzle to the soap position and was amazed to see the dirt and mud simply slide off the finish! Aside from all the suds, I was very impressed how they clung to the finish. I took out my wash mitt and began to loosen any remaining dirt and grime. Even the bug splatter and tar came off with ease! Now, I was ready to rinse. While rinsing, It was all coming back to me why I love this amazing product. The polymers and the rinse filter! This is the part that gives you "that wet shine"! The water began to sheet off--it was amazing!!! It was like a revelation of a new car!

Of course, there were some hidden spots that did not dry completely so I got out my Microfiber towel and began to polish these areas. Wow!!! What a shine! And the color--my car is as black as ever! It has that deep, dark, black car thing going on! It seemed like the more I polished, the deeper and darker my finish got! Naturally, I parked my car in the sunlight so people driving by could see my car!! Even my rims were like Bling! Bling!! I was SO proud! Mr. Clean Auto Dry Pro-Series really delivers what it promises! See for yourself. Visit them at Now I'M keeping it clean and shiny! Drive safely. -Marie

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