Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Choose which level you'd like assistance with! Try not to read ahead - most
of the fun of playing strategy games is figuring out puzzles for yourself!

Blitzball Basics
The Basics
HP - Stamina
Tech Copy

The Game Beginning
Sin Attacks

The Al Bhed
Landing in Water
Flint and Tinder
Learning the Spheres
Turning On the Power

Village of Besaid
Map of Besaid Village
Meeting Wakka
The Village
The Cloister of Trials
Leaving Besaid

On to Kilika
On the Boat
Exploring Kilika
Map of Kilika Jungle
Kilika Jungle
Kilika Temple

On to Luca
On the Boat
Landing at Luca
Map of Luca
The First Game: Al Bhed
The Second Game: Luca Goers

Walking the Long Road
Fighting the Chocobo Eater
Sinspawn on the Beach
Djose Temple
Djose Village

Moonflow South Wharf
Guado Salam
Thunder Plains

Macalania Woods
Crawler Attack
Macalania Temple

Al Bhed and Bevelle
The Oasis
Al Bhed
Bevelle Temple

Calm Lands
Entering the Plains
Training Chocobos
The Zoo
Defender X

Meeting the Rhonso
Seymour Flux
The Prominence
Mountain Cave
The Trials of Gagazet
The Sanctuary Keeper

The Dead City
The Tetris Puzzle
The Spectral Keeper
Lady Yunalesca

AirShip and Free Movement
On the Ship

Random Cleanup Before the End
The Gorge after the Calm Lands
Remiem Temple and the Magus Sisters
Baaj Temple and Anima
Dark Aeons

Ultimate Weapons
Cloudy Mirror / Celestial Mirror
Yuna: Nirvana, Moon Crest, Moon Sigil
Tidus: Caladbolg, Sun Crest, Sun Sigil
Lulu: Onion Knight, Venus Crest, Venus Sigil
Kimahri: Spirit Lance, Saturn Crest, Saturn Sigil
Rikku: Godhand, Mercury Crest, Mercury Sigil
Auron: Masamune, Mars Crest, Mars Sigil
Wakka: World Champion, Jupiter Crest, Jupiter Sigil

Final Sin Battles
Fighting Sin's Two Fins
Sinspawn Genais
Sin - The Mouth
Inside Sin: Braska's Final Aeon

Overdrive Notes
Auron's Overdrive and Jecht Spheres
Kimahri's Overdrive
Lulu's Overdrive
Rikku's Overdrive
Tidus's Overdrive
Wakka's Overdrive
Yuna's Overdrive and Aeons

Other Notes
Al Bhed Primer Locations
Aeon Ability Upgrade Listing
Yojimbo and Zanmoto
All Weapon Customizations
All Armor Customizations
Level 3 and 4 Key Sphere Locations
How to Get Lots of Gil (Money)
How to Get Lots of AP (Sphere levels)
My Favorite Rikku Mixes

Please swing by my Forum to ask me how to get through if you're stuck somewhere I haven't put up yet. I'll get back to you quickly.

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