Comparison: Waterless Car Washes Go Head-to-Head!

Comparison:  Waterless Car Washes Go Head-to-Head!
I have once again done a comparison of the Waterless Car Washes that I have tested. I have since tested others and have come to the following conclusion on the subject matter. I have to say that there has been a change for No Wet. They went from #3 to #2! I was able to use it without the pump and got even better results!

I have been asked to take a stand and compare the four Waterless Car Washes I have tested. I accept that challenge! While all four have their advantages and disadvantages, let me state that all the products I've tested in this article work very well in their own right. It is my distinct pleasure to give my readers some insight on all three products listing their strong points and weak points. There is only one product that is labeled V.O.C. Volatile Organic Compliant.

"What V.O.C. Compliant means is that in this case, the (detailing) cleaners and the like must meet local and state regulations for these products-- specifically to indoor use. If a company is subject to a local, state or federal rule that regulates these compounds, you are obligated to purchase products that meet those regulatory limits. The limits can vary depending on the state in which the regulation is written. If you are not subject to any regulation that covers (detailing) cleaners and the like then you are free to use any product."
Paint and Coatings Resource Center.

While V.O.C. is indeed a very strong point especially if you are implementing indoors, the EPA indicates that there are strict regulations for ALL products being manufactured for use affecting our air quality. If these products were harmful to our health beyond normal EPA standards, that particular product would not be sold to us as consumers without strict guidelines being enforced. So before I begin, let me state that this information is in my opinion as a result of my testing for review.


#1 Freedom Waterless Car Wash

#2 No-Wet Waterless Car Wash

#3 Dri Wash 'N Guard



Plus: The BEST for clean and shine! Sweet fragrance! User-Friendly! Best value. Leaves no streaks. Minimal polishing to shine. Lasts longest. VOC compliant.

Minus: There are none!


Plus: Very Good Clean! High grade Caranuba Wax, Kaolin Clay, Organic, lasts up to a week, Extremely High Gloss, Promotes color restoration, Pump Spray bottle. Labeled VOC Compliant.

Minus: Needs a nice aroma, very minor scratch, spider web or fill-in.


Plus: Good Clean! High Grade Caranuba Wax, Lasts about 2 weeks, Extremely High Gloss, Promotes color restoration, Fills in minor scratches, spider webs hood cracking.

Minus: Packaging (Aerosol Can), needs a nice aroma.


Plus: Cleans well! Lasts about a week, Acceptable shine, Pump Spray bottle, scratch & swirl fill-in.

Minus: No Wax, Needs nice aroma.

Congratulations Freedom Waterless Car Wash! You have proven to be the best waterless car wash for best clean, shine and longevity!

The issue comes down to the chemicals and/or materials used in manufacturing and whether they are harmful or toxic. Of course, we must always read labels, containers and packaging when considering purchasing most anything we buy today so please use your head and investigate. If you are still unsure, visit the product's website for any information. This concludes my challenge of Waterless Car Washes.

As always keep it clean and shiny and always drive safely.

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