Clairvoyance and Negativity

Clairvoyance and Negativity
I'm fairly certain, if our lives had little black boxes, we'd find some pretty compelling evidence at times, prompting an investigation as to just what the pilot was thinking. But what about the times when we're level headed, thinking clearly, and yet still seem to be a magnet for some of the most bizarre and negative scenarios imaginable?

I've always joked with my husband, that where I truly missed my calling in this lifetime is, espionage! Effortlessly, without breaking a sweat, I can dismantle any physical process, flattening whatever it is into a small pile of ashen rubble. I'm that good.

What I've come to understand is, there are certain governing natural cause and effect laws, gallactic and universal rules so to speak which all of us are subject to. Who we are, what we do, how we think, on top of a Karmic agenda are all heaped into every person, place and thing we experience. Given this, is it possible there's a celestial equation for personal happiness or is it destined to teeter just within some people's grasp, held hostage by circumstances beyond their control?

Often we desire or feel the need for changes in our lives long before knowing exactly what to do. However, understanding that an idea is in fact jump starting change, even though it may be unclear as to the final cut of the situation, can take off some of the pressure we put on ourselves.

When we think about what we would like to see for ourselves many times it is accompanied not only by the specific happiness we think we will have once it is acquired, but it is minus the "reality" or consequences of the challenges to follow. While usually this provides pleasing and hopeful scenarios, it can ultimately distract our view from the progress we make. Especially if we have recenltly emerged from a negative cycle, we run the added risk of self-sabatage. Why? Because we will interpret the effects of change as an interference, negative or an indication we are headed back precisely where we emerged from and convince ourselves we shouldn't bother even trying.

Without complete acceptance and appreciation of the life force in front of us devoid of any personal biasedness, what we think will make us happy can feel exhausting and redundant. How we think we should feel during transition and how we feel the plan should unfold limits our movement and odds for the grand effects change has to offer.

One of the most obvious frustrations will have to do with timing. Other factors can include perception or outlook based on past experiences. Forcing issues as well can often add to complications by producing more of the feeling of desperation, which brought us to the energy force of desire to change to begin.

By turning our thinking around to the understanding of where one thing in our lives ends another materializes, all things unite. From here we are more able to see why things happen as they do and it is then we can say, “No matter what happens tomorrow, I will be happy for the rest of my life starting today.”

When an undesired situation feels inevitable, it might be, but making certain those are the actual circumstances calling for attention and not simply the bridge needed to cross to get to the other side, has the added benefit of freeing up a great deal of energy we could be applying elsewhere!

Live in today regardless of circumstances by incorporating peacefulness actively in your life just as you would any other committment. Live knowing within these two things lies personal awareness. Within personal awareness we'll have before us the skeleton key to infinite happiness no matter what our situation may be.

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