Easter Word Problems

Easter Word Problems
Enjoy these Easter themed word problems with your upper elementary homeschooler!

Easter Word Problems

1. Peter Rabbit had a basket of 234 eggs to deliver to the children in his neighborhood. He unfortunately had a hole in his basket and he dropped 167 of them. How many eggs were left to deliver?

2. If Mary and Suzy colored 64 eggs each, how many eggs did they color all together?

3. Nick decorated 81 eggs for his class. If he had 8 classmates, how many eggs would each child receive, including himself?

4. Mary-Katherine's bunny had babies! If there were 6 babies born, and two of the babies were boys, what percent of the babies were girls?

5. The amount of eggs collected at the Barnstable's Annual Easter Egg Hunt was 2,345. Rounded to the nearest hundred, how many eggs were collected?

6. Using the data from #5, how many eggs were collected if rounded to the nearest thousand?

7. If the entire fifth grade group at Katie Cagan's Easter Egg Hunt participated, how many eggs would each child recieve based on the data below?
# of Fifth Graders- 65
# of eggs-13,000

8. John and Luis decided to share their eggs collected from the church picnic. If John collected 34 eggs, and Luis collected 67 eggs, how many did each boy get?

9. Mrs. Trainor's fourth grade class hid eggs on the playground for the classes to find throughout the week before Easter. On Monday the class hid 45 eggs for the Kindergarteners to find, on Tuesday they hid 77 eggs for the first graders to find. On Wednesday they hid 32 eggs for the second graders to find, and on Thursday they hid 55 eggs for the third graders to find. What was the average number of eggs the fourth graders hid each day?

10. Rachel and her dad decided to share a hard boiled egg that they decorated together. If they cut the egg into 8 slices, how many slices did each of them get? What percent and fraction would this be? (*Feel free to do this problem in a hands on and tasty way, too!)

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter!

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