Graffiti Kingdom - Drawing Fun

Graffiti Kingdom - Drawing Fun
Graffiti Kingdom is an incredibly fun game for all ages, even though it's aimed at kids. You can draw your own 3D characters and use them in the game!

Yes, there's a general plot - you're a 10 yr old prince who needs to save his kingdom. You have to defeat the evil enemy by moving from area to area, killing off the minions. The enemies are generally cute and cartoony. I like the hoppy yellow spheres, for example.

The dialogue is pretty kid-level, and the sounds are also happy and fun. The graphics are nicely detailed - interesting canvas textures, nice shadows to give items a 3D feel.

Really, though, the brilliant part of this game is the creature drawing. You have access to a 3D drawing program that lets you draw any shape combination you want, color it, and animate it. You can create a sphere with horns and have it hop around, with a deep voice. You can create a squiggly worm shape, color it pink, and have it float. As you work through the game, you can even get the ability to draw ON your character - i.e. add spots, decorations, or tattoos to your creature.

The customization level is just amazing. You can choose voices for your character. Customize how it attacks, how it moves. Just about anything you can imagine and draw, you can now use that creature to move through the entire game, clearing levels and gathering power.

This pretty much means that you can make this game into any type of game you wish, from a character standpoint. You can have a hoppy pink ball go through the game, slaying enemies. You can have a giant green dinosaur. You can have a half-dog, half-cat saving the kingdom. Only your imagination limits your choices.

Highly recommended!

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