Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans
Destroy All Humans is a great adventure game with you as the grey-skinned, big-eyed alien out to destroy / conquer human-kind. The humor is great!

The basic concept is a campy spoof on all 50s alien movies. You are wandering around a traditional 50s landscape with drive-ins, town centers, and town fairs. You have a variety of cool alien powers that assist you in your take-over attempts, flying your saucer around from spot to spot.

This game is marked for teens, and that's true both from a "violence" standpoint and a simple enjoyment standpoint. Many of the in-jokes are going to go right over the heads of younger players, who will only understand the game as a simple shooter. For example, reading the minds of the various townsfolk will have adults laughing for hours, while younger kids will be going "Huh?"

On the violence side, the "blood" is green, but it's still pretty nasty. You are ripping brains and spinal cords out of creatures, blowing things up, and being generally destructive. There are a number of references to sexual acts, since many in the 50s felt that aliens were only out to rape females and to perform "unnatural" acts on males. This definitely is a game geared towards older teens and adults.

It's really funny to see all of the old stereotypes - about aliens and cows, aliens and politicians, etc. - played out in real time. The graphics are rather good in supporting these scenarios, and the sounds fit in as well. But the real fun is in the plot and dialogue.

Yes, the basic game is rather short - it's not going to last you months like the FF or GTA series. On the other hand, this game isn't meant to be epic. It's meant to be a really funny spoof for older gamers, and it fits this niche extremely well!

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