Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is based on the standard labyrinth game. You rotate the map, and a ball rolls according to physics. The fun is in the maps you work with.

Yes, the ball has a little monkey in it, which is more for show than anything else. The graphics are reasonably nice here, but you don't need great graphics to show a ball rolling on a map. The same goes for sound - they're reasonably OK, but nothing spectacular.

In essence this is a puzzle game. You have a time limit, you have bonusses on the map. Your quest is to figure out how to solve the map in the time period given, while testing your reflexes in rotating the map properly to move the ball. You really do get some great lessons in physics here, learning how momentum affects the movement of the monkey ball.

There are a huge number of maps offered, so you can play on easy maps or really test your skills on the more difficult ones.

In addition to the single player games, there are also a collection of multiplayer games. Most are based on sports - you can target shoot, fly airplanes, play baseball, soccer, and more. Different games will appeal to different people - I didn't like the baseball game much, but I really liked the co-op work together aspect of target shooting.

Well recommended as a fun game for all ages, appealing to players who enjoy a combination of puzzles with reflex challenge.

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