You Have A New Betta - Now What?

You Have A New Betta - Now What?
It would be best if you already have your new Betta fish’s home set up before you bring him home. If you can do that - great! If not, then make sure you have everything you need to set it up when you bring him home!

Your new Betta may be in a little plastic container or a plastic bag when you get him at the pet store or aquarium store, so put him in a very safe place on your way home - or even better: take a friend with you to help out by holding him safely on the drive back home.

Once at home, put him in a safe place on the counter where you are getting his new home ready. Don’t put him near the edge, for example. A small aquarium or Betta tank of at least one gallon is best to start with. A fish bowl of at least one gallon is o.k. at first, too. Later, you can upgrade him to a small aquarium.

Wash his new home using only water - NO soap of any kind. Soap or a cleaning agent will kill your fish. Clean the aquarium, tank, or bowl using clean paper towels.

Next, rinse off with tap water any toys or decorations you will put into his living environment. Please clean off any gunk with a clean, new nailbrush. The small, soft bristles will do the job without damaging the decorations and this type of brush allows you an advantageous grip while cleaning.

Add the room temperature tap water or bottled water. Have the temperature your betta's water will be adjusted before you put your fish in the water.

Add dechlorinator, check the pH, and when all is prepared and safe, add your Betta fish - still in his plastic bag or plastic cup from the pet store by floating him in his little container on the surface of the water for at least 15 minutes to make sure he goes into water that is the same temperature in order to avoid suffering the shock of water temperature change.

Place his new home in a safe place and be sure to keep his water clean and you will have a happy little camper for a long time to come!

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