Soul Calls

Soul Calls
Soul Calls (Preview from the book “Sandbox Souls” by Elleise Kerrick)

Whether we have insight right away as to what our life purpose may be or desire more information before we commit, meeting our challenges along the way in a positive manner greatly determines our success. Where we once may have had a responsibility in holding ourselves back we may now have more of a responsibility in listening to those inner stirrings. What can we do to get back on track and experience more meaning in our lives?

We have all had periods of time when it may not have been practical for us to follow the inspirations, which took us quickly from one experience to the next. We may have been running our lives hectically in the fast lane or simply had demands made to us by others that could not be ignored.

The most important thing for us to remember is we are all a work in progress. Our experiences benefit from temporary compromise along with decisions of choice. We can run into problems when it becomes routine for us to turn the other way when it comes to our happiness, exhausting ourselves in the name of, “having to.”

Sometimes more strongly than others we may feel an internal pull telling us something is not quite right. This is when we have received a soul call. Soul calls are sharp to include factors beyond our control yet broad enough to kick in where we’ve exceeded our limits. Over time we may also find ourselves experiencing internal conflicts along with outer affirmations when they are ignored. This is when every opportunity will be taken to get our attention.

For some a subtle approach for others more dramatic affects are necessary. One of the first affirmations we may see is in our waking life. Do we have enough energy at the end of our day to pursue a natural skill personal interest or desire, excluding social commitments?

Following, we may start to feel our decision-making process in life more than the purpose of sacrifice itself (omitting the guilt factor). As we continue this pattern we may start to notice unpleasant characters of ourselves developing. Finally, should all else fail restlessness will find itself in our sleep.

There are several things we can do to get us where we need to be. Spending quiet time, making our own acquaintance is a very good place to start. Too often we are going here or going there, planning what we have to do for the next day, when really we are almost a stranger to ourselves outside what we do for a living. If we already spend quite a lot of time alone, we could ask what it is we are trying to avoid? Something as simple as fear of rejection can place us in a job we dislike greatly.

As simple as it may be, finding direction in our own purpose can lay initially in learning to make something we enjoy such as cappuccino or fresh fruit juices from scratch. These are desires. By following a desire we will be supplemented with people places and things that too have similar interests.

If nothing seems to spark an interest right away we may need to start more basically. Enjoy the outdoors before the season ends during a lunch hour instead of ordering in or going to a local restaurant. Where we would normally go from home to school or the office in the morning, grab a Starbucks or McDonald’s sandwich and sit on a bench. If you find you are enjoying the smells and sounds as well as observing other people, maybe you would enjoy teaching an inspirational class of some kind at home or on the Internet.

My final suggestion is change the style of your shoes or take them off completely. The more conspicuous the better. Not only will you feel purpose right under your feet, a sense of freedom may start to wash right through your soul. After all they are our feet. Appreciating the moment in the moment is essential in finding a place to start.

When we do receive a call, we are being reminded of whom we are and what we came here to do. It is not that it is an unexpected call more likely than not we have already received a message or two along the way. When we are left with a universal confidence in us holding with complete faith our ability to carry out the mission at hand., it is reasonable to assume it is time for us to pick up.

For more information Elemental Joy,

Peace and light this Labor Day weekend. ~ Elleise ~ (Onahjia)

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