Tork - Prehistoric Punk

Tork - Prehistoric Punk
Adventure games are often by their nature silly, but fun. Tork is no exception! You get a young caveman kid in a land of pterodactyls, questing and gathering.

In a computer gaming world full of prostitutes and drive by shootings, it's nice sometimes to find a game that is fun for kids, reasonable for adults, has lovely graphics and generally satisfying gameplay.

You play a pre-teen kid who wears a strange red headdress complete with horns. Your dad is abducted, and your village destroyed. With the help of a local medicine man, you have to learn to develop your powers to save your dad, save the world, and gain the respect of all around you. This is the sort of quest that most of us can relate to :)

The worlds you go through are nicely done. There are different themes - desert cave world, icy cave world, cave world full of plants, and so on. Each area has a specific task you're after. Again, this makes for great gaming for kids - they know what to do and get satisfaction when they do it. For adults, it means you can whip through a number of levels before it's bedtime - no long fruitless hours of trying to figure out what happens next.

The graphics are rather impressive. If you stop and pause, it actually looks like a painting in many cases - but when you start moving again it is of course a fully realized 3D world you are in. This is about as good as I've seen on the regular XBox console. I have some problems with the camera, and clipping, but that seems to happen in every game.

The sounds are a little less stellar - a combination of jungle beat drums and twanging, plus an incessant howling of the wind. The voice actors are truly silly. Still, this is meant to be a kid's game, not a serious drama. I do have a complaint that sometimes the subtitles are out of sync with what is being said, which is odd.

Still, I didn't find anything really bothersome about the game. The graphics make it fun, the easy pick-up-and-play-immediately game style was great. I didn't need to read a manual or study anything. It's all traditional - jump, bash, long distance attack, magic. The added bonus of turning into Yeti and other cool creatures is quite nice.

Well recommended if you enjoy simple questing / gathering games! Note that this game WILL play on an XBox 360.

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