Loco Roco PSP

Loco Roco PSP
With all the games I play, there are few that are simple, delightful fun. Loco Roco definitely falls into this category. The game is easy to learn, has great replayability, and can really be enjoyed by all ages.

Here's the basics. You begin as a yellow, happy blob. When you use the shoulder buttons, you tilt the world left or right, making the blob roll. You can also press both buttons so the blob springs into the air. As you eat certain flowers, the blob grows in size. If you hit an area too narrow for your big blob, you can break up into all of the mini-blobs, and later regroup.

This may sound odd - but it is a TON of fun. The backgrounds are all works of art, with a wide variety of themes. You can be in an ice world and slide along on super-slick pathways. There are lots of hidden rooms and secret bonusses to search for. The little blobs are just so happy! They sing along with the music, enjoy the sliding around and celebrate at the end. It's really a game that you have a great deal of enjoyment at every step of the way.

There are little mini-games, and you unlock "house pieces" that let you build your very own blob maze. By positioning the various house pieces, you can create an endless set of loops for your blobs to go around in.

With all the games out there that have you swearing at your machine in frustration because of the inane controls or frustrating enemies, it is really a joy to find a game that is always fun. Even if you don't do well, it's fun, and it encourages you to try again to do better. You only get 10 of the little blobs to the end of the level? That's a great start - and give it another go to see if you can find even more! Between the catchy songs and the beautiful backgrounds, you really do want to leap into the fray again and explore every little angle.

This is a great game for young kids, mature grandparents, and everyone in between. The gameplay is easy enough to learn, and fulfilling enough that you'll be addicted soon.

Highly recommended.

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