Star Wars Starfighter - PS2 Space Combat

Star Wars Starfighter - PS2 Space Combat
I was always a huge Wing Commander fan. I watched as the graphics moved from blocky pixels to slightly less blocky shapes, to ships that you could actually see emblems on. This latest Star Wars space combat is the best I´ve seen yet!

This Special Edition starts with the regular Starfighter title (available on other platforms) and adds in extra levels and tons of multiplayer features!

To start with, there are three different characters you play, each in his or her own style of ship. Rhys is a Nabooian cadet with a little quick fighter, with limited torpedoes. Vana is a mercenary - her ship can tag enemies and then blast them. Nym is the alien, and he´s got bombs on his, great for blasting capital ships.

You take these three different ships on a series of missions, both on planet and in space. You dodge through asteroid belts, zip along narrow canyons, defend bases and blow apart the bases of your enemies. There´s tons of fun dogfighting, trying to blow up ships both large and small. The missions make sense, and your wingmen obey commands with reasonable AI.

The graphics are beautiful! There are rivers snaking through green valleys. Desolate planets with mining operations. Giant asteroid fields that you have to dodge through. The ships each look and act differently, but are generally similar enough that it´s not a huge chore to switch amongst them as you go through missions.

Even after you finish the missions, the multi-play is immensely fun. Grab some friends and play one of their various game types they have available. Just wait until broadband comes!

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