Spring Cleaning Your Personal Computer

Spring Cleaning Your Personal Computer
Spring as sprung and now is the

Spring as sprung and now is the time to clear out the cobwebs and prepare for warm sunny days. While spring-cleaning this is the perfect time to clean the dust and cobwebs from your personal computer. Over time dust, dirt, grime and, yes, even cobwebs, start to accumulate inside the computer. This can be dangerous to the components if the computer is not cleaned periodically.

If you computer is in an area that is very dusty then I recommend that you clean it every couple of months. If there is not a lot of dust buildup then once or twice a year should suffice.

Supplies Needed
There are not a lot of supplies that are necessary to clean a computer. The supplies include lint free clothes, a mild cleanser and a can of compressed air. All of these supplies can be obtained at a computer store, office supply store or online.

Hold the keyboard upside (best-done outside or over trash) and shake to remove dirt and dust. Gently wipe the entire keyboard down with a damp soft cloth. For stubborn dust and dirt stuck in the keys, use a can of compressed air to remove.

For best results in keeping you keyboard clean do not eat or drink over the keyboard as this may cause damage to the components.

Wipe the exterior of mouse with a soft cloth moistened with cleaner. For mouse with ball on the bottom remove the ball and clean inside with a damp cloth. Check the rollers to see if there is any dirt buildup, which will cause the mouse to become sluggish.

Wipe the monitor down with a soft cloth dampened with a gentle cleaner or dry lint free cloth which is preferable. Do not spray any cleaner directly on the monitor. Before cleaning make sure monitor is off and unplugged.

Computer Case

  1. Unplug all components from the computer. If are not sure about the connections make note of where each component is plugged in to make re-connecting easier.
  2. Make sure computer is unplugged from power source. This is very important since power can still be fed to the computer even if the power switch is off if it is still plugged in.
  3. Remove the cover from the computer. This varies depending on the model and manufacturer. If you are not sure how to remove the cover, refer to the computer’s documentation.
  4. After removing the case, touch the power supply to discharge any static electricity buildup. If you move around a lot while cleaning the system remember to touch the power supply after moving.
  5. Using a can of compressed air start with the outside of the computer and gently spray to remove the any dust buildup. Make sure to hold the can upright and spray in small bursts. Pay special attention to the fan in the back and vents in the front of the computer. This is where a lot of dirt accumulates.
  6. Next, gently spray the inside of the computer with compressed air. Be careful with the compressed air, as holding the nozzle for a too long will release a liquid that can damage components.
  7. Once all the dust is removed from inside the computer replace the cover and connect all the components.

Computer Cleaning Supplies

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