Iron Man

Iron Man
Stark Industries front man and playboy, Tony Stark, is wounded and captured by enemy combatants. In an attempt to save his life and to escape, Tony creates a special armored suit that he uses to battle his kidnappers. Once home, however, Tony works endlessly on the advanced technology of the suit. But things at Stark Industries, a front runner in weapons technology, aren’t running as smoothly as Tony believes and when it becomes apparent that his second in command, Obadiah Stane, has ulterior motives, it’ll be up to Iron Man to save the day. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Iron Man”.

· Tony Stark has escaped his captors and is catapulted into a sand dune in the desert. After he comments “not bad”, the scene cuts to him walking through the desert. In the first far view, his right arm is down by his side and his left arm is bent in front of him, with his left hand on his right shoulder. It cuts to a closer view and his right arm is the one that’s bent in front of him. The scene cuts to a close-up and it’s back to being the left arm that’s bent in front of him.

· After Tony has made the announcement about Stark Industries not making weapons, Pepper is watching the episode of “Mad Money” n TV about the company’s stock. She’s wearing a wireless headset in her left ear. But when Tony calls and asks “How big are your hands?”, the headset is gone.

· Pepper is putting the new chest piece/reactor in Tony’s chest. She’s attaching it to the base plate when Tony yells. In the overhead view, Pepper put her left arm down near her side. It cuts to a front view of Pepper when Tony says “Was that so hard?” and her left arm is back over his chest. Also, in the overhead view, she had put the reactor in his chest with her right hand. It cuts to a front view where she places it in the hole again.

· Tony’s first test fails and he gets thrown into the ceiling and hit with the extinguisher. Afterwards, he’s working on the computer at his desk. The white coffee mug on his left is upside down (notice the upside down letters on the cup). But when it cuts to a close-up, the cup is turned over the correct way and he drinks out of it.

· When Tony is racing his car on the road to the Disney Concert Hall, there is no front license plate on the front of the vehicle. When he pulls up in the front of the gala, there is now a plate on the front reading “STARK 4”.

· At the gala, Pepper tells Tony she wants a vodka martini. He walks up to the bar and puts a bill in the glass. There is another dollar in the glass but his money reaches almost to the rim. When Christine shows up, she hands him the slip of paper and says “It’s a town called Gulmira. Heard of it?”. The wide view shows the original tip in the glass but the one Tony put in there is gone.

· When Obadiah paralyzes Tony and takes the reactor, Tony is on the sofa and blood starts to flow out of his left ear. But when he’s trying to get to the lab to get the other reactor, there’s no trace of the blood on him.

· Near the end, Pepper is helping Tony get ready for the press conference. She helps him put on his jacket and pulls out the white handkerchief in the front pocket. As they’re talking, she put the handkerchief back in the pocket. But when he gets to the podium a few moments later, it’s gone again.

“Iron Man” (2008) stars Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Terrence Howard, Jon Favreau and Leslie Bibb. It runs 129 minutes and is rated PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence and brief suggestive content.

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