Mixed Math for Easter

Mixed Math for Easter
Have fun together with your lower elementary homeschooler doing these Easter themed math rpoblems and activities!

Word Problems

1. Trent and Jenny colored eggs with their Sunday School class. If they each colored 5 eggs, how many eggs did they color all together?

2. Peter Rabbit hid 15 eggs around his neighborhood for the children to find. How many eggs were left if the children only found ten of them?

Jelly Bean Problems
*Jelly Beans Needed for #'s 3-7! There are alternate types of jelly beans that can be fond at health food and specialty stores such as gluten free and sugar free if needed for health purposes.

3. Count out 25 jelly beans. Eat five of them. How many are left?

4. Group the jelly beans by color. Which color has the most number jellybeans? Which color has the least amount of jellybeans?

5. Count 50 jelly beans out by two's and five's.

6. Create a pattern using three colors of jelly beans.

7. Read Arthur's Jelly Beans together and complete the corresponding book activities throughout the book.

Real Eggs

8. Egg Math- Using a hard cooked egg, show your child the various fractions of one third, one half, and one fourth via slices. You may need several eggs for this!

Estimate and Place Value

9. Create an Estimation Jar- Fill a jar with jelly beans and have your homeschoolers esimate how many jelly beans are in the jar. Discuss the idea of an estimation, or a guess. After all family members have guessed you can count out the real amount together!

10. Make a tens and ones place value worksheet, with two wide columns, one for tens and one for ones. Next, place fifteen jelly beans for your child to count out and group into a tens and ones column. Discuss how to separate the groups and write the number on an additional sheet of paper, too. Then start again with another tens/ones combination number, like eighteen, eleven, etc. You can move into the twenties, and so forth if your child is ready, and have 2 groups of ten, etc.

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