Importing Rock Band 1 Songs Into Rock Band 2

Importing Rock Band 1 Songs Into Rock Band 2
This is amazing. If you own Rock Band 2, and get your hands on a Rock Band 1 disc, you can import almost ALL of the songs from Rock Band 1 into Rock Band 2. You can double your song list!

Here are the steps - it's very easy! It does require that you be logged into XBox Live for the transfer.

1) Put in the Rock Band 1 Game Disc
Obvious, hopefully. You are taking all the songs OFF this disc. If you don't own the game, rent it or borrow it.

2) You may have to do an update to get the game fully up to date. Then go into "Options".

3) Go into "Export Songs".

4) Choose "Export" again to verify your choice.

5) You'll be prompted to buy the license. This costs 400 points or $5 in real world dollars. That is hardly ANYTHING to get tons of songs! I find this an amazing deal. The money you're paying is licensing fees to the music companies to allow the transfer.

6) Confirm the purchase. You'll first get logged with the export key. This is very quick, and takes 716k. This will get you all songs but 3 that have licensing issues.

7) Now the long process begins to actually transfer all the songs onto your local hard drive. It's going to take about 1.5 gig of disk space and it takes about 10-15 minutes of time. It shows you song by song as it moves them off the old game DVD and onto your hard drive.

That's it! Now take out the Rock Band 1 disc and do whatever you want to with it. You don't have to play it ever again!

Now when you go into Rock Band 2, all of those songs will be available for any "make your own playlist" area, or for free play! You can now enjoy all of those songs with the higher level of graphics, gameplay and usability!

The only three songs are missing from your final playlist. One is from Metallica, one from Iron Maiden, and one seems to be a cover.

The process is really very straightforward and we didn't have ANY problems at all doing it. Really the only trouble we had was that our Rock Band 1 disc had gotten a bit scratched from overzealous friends who we lent it to, and we had to buff those out a bit to get the game to run.

Highly recommended!

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