St. Patrick's Day Math

St. Patrick's Day Math
St. Patrick's Day Math is extra lucky and super fun with the ideas below:

1. Shamus O'Toole has a bustling business selling corned beef. The first week of this month he sold 67 pounds of corned beef. The second and third weeks of this month he sold 55 pounds of corned beef. What is the weekly average number of pounds he sold for this month? (round to the nearest whole number)

2. Dublin is a magical place in Ireland, full of leprechauns and gold! If there are 81 pots of gold for every leprechaun in Dublin, how many pots of gold are there if there are 1000 leprechauns?

3. A four leaf clover is lucky to find. If Sarah O'Lanny found 39 four leaf clovers, how many actual leaves did she find? (hint- a four leaf clover has 4 leaves)

4. Mary O'Brien had cabbage every day for two months, at lunch and dinner. How many servings of cabbage did Mary eat in these two months, providing each month was 30 days?

5. Laura Leprechaun made 136 cupcakes for her Lucky Leprechauns club. If she iced half of them green, and half of them white, how many cupcakes were there of each color iced?

6. The first time St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in America was in 1737. If this is 2013, how many years have we been celebrating this lucky holiday in America?

7. Nora O'Connell decorated her house with green streamers for her St. Patrick's Day party. If she used 445 inches of paper border, how many feet did she use? Older students-convert this to meters.

8. Larry the Leprechaun stole 14 cookies from Mrs. Clary's class party. How many were left, if Mrs. Clary had baked 9 dozen cookies?

9. If there are seven colors in the rainbow, how many colors would there be in 56 rainbows?

10. Mrs. O'Shaunassey was cooking a special dinner to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. She spent the following amounts of money on food:
$3.67 per pound on corned beef
$5.55 on rolls
$4.99 on cabbage
$2.45 on Irish Soda Bread mix

She needed at least a 17 pound corned beef to feed her party guests. If she started with a budget of $240.00, how much would Mrs. O'Shaunassey have left for decorations for her dinner party?

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