Mercury Meltdown Remix

Mercury Meltdown Remix
I loved the game Mercury on the PSP - a puzzle game involving a blob of mercury that could change color, be merged into new colors and navigate any number of mazes. Mercury Meltdown Remix ups the ante with even more skills.

This game was created for the PS2 but it runs perfectly fine on the PS3. This makes it great for both PS2 and PS3 owners. The graphics are of course not PS3 quality - but it really doesn't matter. This isn't a game that requires super-fine graphics. The involving gameplay and intricate puzzles are what get you hooked.

Be warned - this isn't just a game of the mind. Your fingers have to be pretty talented, too. You'll be tilting and turning the board to get that little blob to barely squeak along a thin line, then split it in half and try to keep the green half safe while you get the blue half over to a blue gate.

The game is divided up into several "labs", each with a series of levels. Really, though, all it means is you have a large collection of puzzles to solve. You also have a tutorial set and a playground to practice in, to hone your mercury skills.

It's a little frustrating that you don't get access to the party games until you get a fair way into the main gameplay. So if you're not great at puzzles - and just have to have casual fun with friends - you can't? I'm not a big fan of games that restrict content like that. They should let you do either one right off the bat.

Sounds? They have some funky cool-jazz soundtrack that plays. Really, it doesn't matter much. You can let it play - or just turn off the sound and play with your own music playing on your stereo. You don't really need sound to play this one.

What's great about this game is that it really does appeal to all ages. You can have a grandchild stumped on a level, show it to a grandparent, and the elder can help figure out the logic puzzles necessary to help the younger player win.

Just keep in mind that there is a fair amount of motor dexterity required to solve the puzzles. If you have challenges doing very fine hand movement, you might want to pass on this, or face a lot of frustration.

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