Natural Biorhythms 2.7 - Are You OK Today?

Natural Biorhythms 2.7  -  Are You OK Today?
Natural Biorhythms, from White Stranger Group, is a multi-function personal biorhythm calculator that can help
you quickly determine your biorhythm cycles for any given time period. Biorhythms are based on the western theory that each of us fall into a cycle of physical, emotional, and intellectual swings based on our birth date. Just as the moon and tides work through regular high and low cycles, theory is that we too experience highs and lows in our everyday lives.

Unlike astrology, which attempts to predict events that will happen to us on a certain day, our biorhythms indicate whether we are in a generally high, low, or critical phase. Ever had days when you seemed to be a total klutz? Or, days when you felt so mentally and emotionally alert that anything seemed possible? It's possible those feelings were a result of mis-matched cycles, or cycles which had peaked at approximately the same time.

Natural Biorhythms displays all three cycles on a monthly chart in relation to one another. You can instantly see all three points and how they rise and fall relative to one another. An additional feature of Natural Biorhythm is it's ability to integrate additional birthdates into your program and determine the compatibility between you and your chosen dates. See how you match up with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, boss or bridge partner.

In addition to the intellectual, physical, and emotional charting, an intuitive and a I ching chart (aesthetic, awareness, and spiritual) are included. All charts are printable and color coded for ease of use. An additional celebrity database lets you compare your chart to that of your favorite celeb..

There are two versions of Natural Biorhythms available to you; the shareware version and the freeware version. I would encourage you to visit White Stranger Groups homepage and read the different functions available for each version. The freeware version will give you a good idea of the usefulness of Natural Biorhythms.

On a personal note.. I try not to get too involved in any chart - biorhythm, astrology, or otherwise, that attempts to influence the course of my day. But... I DO know for a fact, through personal experience, that a number of nationally ranked Olympic weightlifters have used biorhythms for years to help them formulate their training schedules. As a former weightlifter myself, I was first introduced to biorhythms over twenty five years ago. Friends of mine would train hard on days when their charts indicated they were at their peak physically; and trained moderately on days when they were critical or below average physically.

Did biorhythms make them better athletes? I honestly don't know.. But I do know that they found a place for biorhythms in their training schedules.

Do you have a place in YOUR schedule?

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