Movember - Men's Cancer Awareness Month

Movember - Men's Cancer Awareness Month
There is just something sexy about a man’s beard and mustache, just as it begins to grow. The look just speaks volumes. It gives the not-so-subtle message of quiet self confidence. It says, I’m chillin, I’m on vacation, or I’m cutting loose for awhile-don’t even mention a tie! No matter what the reason, ruggedness and testosterone seem to go hand-in-hand.

However, no matter how tough and capable any of you are, with or without the facial fuzz, you are just as prone to get cancer as we women are. You also notoriously despise going to the doctor, and that is why I am so glad that many of you are taking part in the Movember Challenge! Most you guys enjoy competition, so why not compete for a good cause, right?

Raising cancer awareness among men is important. According to the American Cancer Society, out of its top ten list for men, Prostate Cancer is at the top, with Lung Cancer coming in second. I found this interesting, because for women, Breast Cancer is at the top, followed by Lung Cancer. It is obvious that both men and women need to pay particular attention to reproductive health, and respiratory health.

Most insurance companies are now paying for preventive services, so if you have never had a prostate exam, now would be a good time to make an appointment for one. Some large companies require yearly physicals for their employees, so some of you are already ahead of the game. However, if you own a small business, or if you just hate going to the doctor, get off the bench with your brothers across the globe, and get checked out! I believe your peace of mind is worth it.

If you smoke, now would be a great time to think about quitting! There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something great and worthwhile, and doing it with a trusted friend can make the difficult transition even easier. Everyone needs an accountability partner no matter what they may be facing. Your buddy will be your coach, mentor, cheerleader, prayer partner, and all-round friend good or bad, that you need to help you to overcome!

According to the American Medical Association, this is what happens when you smoke:

Smoking -

Raises blood pressure

High blood pressure weakens artery walls, and could cause tears within them.

When a tear happens, the body tries to heal it, causing scar tissue.

Scar tissue then causes plaque build-up, which causes less blood flow.

Loss of blood flow, or blocked blood flow could cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED), or pain in the chest, known as angina.

The site of the scar tissue could also become a place for a blood clot to form, which could move to your lungs, or to your heart, and cause cardiac arrest.

While these things sound scary, your Family Doctor (General Practitioner or GP)will work with you about quitting smoking. Also, changing to and maintaining a healthy diet is essential. Exercise helps move blood and lymphatic fluid, and helps keep you toned and limber.

Unlike yesterday’s diets, today with all the great chefs on television, there is no reason for you to diet on bland food any longer. My dad was a great cook, but he was a simple cook. He used fresh garlic and onion in most or all of his meat dishes. Use sea salt (with iodide-your thyroid needs it), and cut down on fat intake. Olive oil is the best to use for things like stir-fry, and you can buy extra-virgin to use in place of vegetable oils for other dishes. Don’t let oils get rancid. Old oils oxidize and produce damaging free radicals, which are the enemy of healthy cells.

Free radicals cause cells to go nuts and divide, which usually causes cancer, or a breakdown in tissue. That is why you hear so much about antioxidant foods and supplements, because they protect good cells from free radicals. Even if you’ve found out you have cancer, it is not too late to start eating fresh, healthy food, or taking supplements. Just be sure to talk it over with your doctor first.

Cut down on fat

Colors matter – In the fresh produce section of your grocery store, look for green and red.

Green- Broccoli, kale and spinach all have lutein, which fights lung cancer.
Red - Tomatoes and red peppers contain lycopene, which is known to prevent cancer of the stomach, colon and rectum. Lycopene shuts off blood flow to cancerous tumors.

Garlic, onion, and chives – all contain enzymes that neutralize cancer-causing chemicals. Garlic lowers blood pressure, and onion cleanses the blood (great added benefits).

Drink tea – green or black tea both contain powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Be sure to get tea containing caffeine. The processing of decaffeination removes its punch!

Alcoholic beverages – drink moderately. For a man (per day) = 2- 12oz beers; two 4oz. glasses table wine; 2 shots of straight alcohol. (Editor’s note: I don’t agree with the shots part, but the info is from the NICR (National Institute for Cancer Research). Let your conscience be your guide, along with the advice of your doctor. Straight alcohol can really irritate the lining of the stomach, not to mention the throat and esophagus, and is also a culprit of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Supplements also will help you including Vitamin C, B12, and E. Vitamin C must be taken daily, the body does not store it. You can order B12 melt-in-your mouth twist-it’s from I take them, they’re terrific. Visit their site, especially if you’re an athlete!

Well, that's a wrap. It’s been great fun writing for you guys! I’ll add links at the bottom of the page to my previous articles on nutrition.

Have fun with Movember, and may each of you live a strong, long & healthy life!

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