Popular Birds

Popular Birds
Birds of all varieties need very specific care. Birds are not all fun and games they need meticulous care. Here is an excellent assortment of articles on birds and their care in the bird achieves. Whether you have a tiny finch or a giant macaw there is a article for you to help you care for your pet or help you decide if you want a bird or not.

Macaw - In the article the Macaw Parrot you learn how important it is to spend a lot of time with your pet because of their immense capability to love and they are also very social. In addition, they are very loud, demanding and can be destructive. The flamboyant macaw. The Macaw

Cockatiel - The wonderful cockatiel is so sweet and loving. The cockatiel is capable of living for 30 years, why is the average lifespan of this companion pet only 5 years. How can you tell if the cockatiel is unhealthy that it may be laying dead in his or her cage tomorrow? Birds can hide their illness very easily. The Endearing Heckler - The Cockatiel. Cockatiel Care

Parakeet - Birds metabolizes so quickly. Many parakeets have starved to death in a very short period. Often the empty hulls are mistaken for seed. Parakeets like all parrots need a variety in their diet. How do you take care of a parakeet? The Parakeet or Budgerigar? Budgerigar - Parakeet - Budgie Care

Canary - Canaries don't climb for exercise like parrots do they need to fly the bigger the cage the better. How do you take care of a canary? All the Songs from the Heavens all in One Pet Canary. Canaries - Canary - Introduction

African Grey - There is very little difference in the Congo African Grey and Timneh African Grey African Grey Parrots. They are both exceptional birds and both make delightful companion pets! In fact purchasing the Timneh Grey has one advantage, price! Highly sensitive and highly intelligent the African Grey Parrot. African Grey Parrots - Introduction

Cockatoos - All parrots require a great deal of attention. Cockatoos require even more. Their abilities to love and trust are strictly in your hands. They love to be with you, to play with you and to be loved by you. In the wild, the cockatoo will mate for life. This is just one reason why the bond is so strong between cockatoos and their person. Their cage should be big and located in an area where they will receive plenty of attention remember you determine the limitations of their environment. The expressive crested parrot the Cockatoo. Cockatoos - Pet Cockatoo

Amazon Parrot - The Amazon parrot is highly intelligent. They have the capacity to learn a large vocabulary of words. I have had Amazons that spend hours mumbling to themselves and then all of a sudden blurt out a completely new phrase. The parrot loves to learn new tricks and well be glad to show the tricks off to you. The amazing Amazon Parrot. Amazon Parrot

Conure - The conure the economical parrot. They are every bit as affectionate and have the capacity of speech as any other parrot. They are a wonderful companion bird. Conures - Introduction

Lory or Lorikeet - While Lories and Lorikeets is a parrot from the Psittacidae family, they have one unique characteristic. They have brush tongues; these brushes are made of papillae, which is used to remove nectar from flowers. In the wild their primary diet is fruit and nectar. They have very different nutritional needs from other parrots and in fact cannot have seeds. The ventriculus or gizzard is not capable of grinding dry seeds. If they do eat dry seeds, they will die of malnutrition or crop impaction. Natures little clowns Lories and Lorikeets. Lory - Lorikee

Lovebirds - A single bird may be your best friend for a very long time. Two love birds may only bond or interact with each other. A wonderful companion pet. A friend capably of much love. The lovebird. Lovebirds

Finch - A finch could be a delightful little pet. A pet that could turn a home full of song. The finch. Finches - Finch Care

Bird Veterinarian - Many excellent avian veterinarians out there do not have their certification from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. Nevertheless, just because a veterinarian is interested in birds does not mean he is proficient enough to treat them. A good Avian Veterinarian will joyfully spend a great deal of time discussing your bird with you. How to Choose An Avian Veterinarian. Avian Veterinarian

Super Bird Creations 3/4-Inch Fold Away Shower Perch - Birds enjoy showing and showing with you. What a terrific device!

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