Budgies And Other Pets

Budgies And Other Pets
It is not unusual for pet lovers to have more than one type of pet. If you have a Budgie and a dog or cat, you must ensure the safety of your Budgie.

If an accident happens and your little bird is injured or killed, you can not blame your dog or cat because the responsibility for your pet's safety belongs to you.

Your dog or cat may be the sweetest and most well behaved pet (especially when you are right there) – but the happy chirps from a Budgie as he hops around, can be too much for your dog or cat to ignore.

A tiny scratch from your dog or cat is enough to cause an infection in your Budgie that could kill him within a day or two. See Immedicate Veterinary Treatment Required to see how quickly an innocent scratch can turn into an emergency.

So – what can you do? You love all your pets

Your Budgie's cage should be situated so that it can not be knocked over or even bumped by your dog and where your cat can not climb on it. We have all seen pictures of a little bird huddled in a cage while a cat sleeps on top of it. The poor bird is too terrified to move, yet the owners thought it was funny enough to take a picture.

Your Budgie should not be let out of his cage if the dog or cat is in the room. It is natural for either of them to lunge at or bite at a bird flying just over their heads. Again, I'm sure we have all seen pictures of a little Budgie pecking the ears of a dog or cat or sometimes eating out of a dish on the floor with one – but I always wonder if the bird is still alive when I am watching this.

I have dogs and cats plus birds – so I am certainly not saying that you should not have both. What I am saying is please be careful and take precautions to keep your Budgie safe at all times.

This Budgie e-book was written after many years of keeping and breeding these wonderful little birds.

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