Glee - Senior Year

Glee - Senior Year
So here is the question, why do you watch your shows? Is it the content and subject matter, or is it the characters, writing, drama, and personal interactions? My husband pointed this out to me during a recent discussion in regards to the changes on Law & Order SVU. I asked him if he liked the current casting and his response was “It’s not worse, but I like the show for the content more than the characters. You and I do not watch the show for the same reasons.” For me, as I have stated numerous times before, I watch a show for the characters and the stories. Usually I will have affection for one of the characters, and that is what will draw me back every week. This got me to thinking, especially when it comes to the expected changes to Glee in the 2012 season. If you did not know, this is the finale year for the current cast of Glee. Yes, the producers are starting over in 2012 with new kids, new songs, new stories, and a new perspective.

We are in year three. The show has established its fan base. It’s not going to jump up from here. The only direction is down or steady. The decision to replace the cast is a risk, but necessary in this case. The challenge is, defining what the fans are attached to, characters or the scenario. Do we watch because we love the songs and the showmanship, or do we love that Rachel or Kurt are singing? If we love Glee because it is a wonderful, different addition to a sometimes drab and dark line up, the new class of kids should do well. The magic of the first experience can be replicated and once again we will all be in awe.

Casting rumors are still quiet, but I have found some confirmations and rumors. Confirmed, per FOX, is the casting of the rapper Pitbull as Santana’s brother. If you have been watching the show this year, Santana’s outing as a lesbian has been a huge plot point within the series. There is also the rumor, according to, that Gloria Estefan is in talks to play Santana’s mother.

I still remain a huge fan of Glee. This season has been a surprising delight. The writers have kept the stories fresh, and the drama and characters are moving forward. New bonds have formed or strengthened between characters, and this all without a slew of guest starring roles. For me, this proves that with or without the hype Glee is a solid show built on strong relatable characters and situations that the viewing audience can appreciate all on their own, such as the unexpected turn of characters after the defeat of the Glee club last year, Quinn’s black-hearted rebellious streak, Santana’s outing by Finn, the return of Rachel’s Mom, aka Quinn and Puck’s baby’s adopted mother, and the easy and natural development of the real relationship between Kurt and Blaine.

The songs are fresh and fun. Finn’s slow arrangement of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” sung to Santana in support of her lesbian outing was unexpected, sweet, heartfelt, and touching. Another highlight of the year is the feature of Coach Beiste in a romance with a college recruiter. Her singing of the famed “Jolene” by Dolly Parton was moving, and I sincerely hope she stays the distance within the Glee cast.
A great beginning to a pivotal year. I am looking forward to the Glee Extraordinary Merry Christmas, airing on Dec 13th, and all new episodes in 2012.

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