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Spyware everywhere. We hear the stories over and over, but in actuality is spyware really everywhere, and is it really a threat to the well-being of our beloved computer? I may not be a top expert in the field, but I do know enough, through years of personal experience, to tell you that spyware IS a very big problem, maybe more so than computer virsuses. Yes, computer virsuses are truly nasty. One infection can mean taking your system to a professional to have the bugs removed. But most anti-virus programs, if kept updated, will do what they are intended to do. Plus, increased education of you, the user, see's less and less of you ignoring warnings, like opening attachments and other high risk activities.

Spyware, on the other hand, invades our machines through daily activities as innocuous as visiting our favorite web sites. There are no bells and whistles that sound when you encounter spyware. No flashing screens that warn "Caution! Spyware detected!" Usually, the only time you see a warning that spyware has been detected is when you run a spyware detection program.

A what? A spyware detection program. You see, anti-virus programs work hard to prevent viruses from getting into your computer. A sort of preventive measure, like taking vitamins. Spyware is generally removed after it has taken up residence in your computer. Doesn't seem quite right, does it? Again, because it can hide in our favorite web sites, preventing spyware in advance would require a program that blocked access to many of the top sites in the world.

Additionally, spyware can successfully transmit personal information about you and your surfing habits to a third party without you ever being aware your computers harboring such devices. Unlike a virus, which can make a computer completely shut down, spyware can do it's thing totally without yor knowledge. That's one of the goals of a successful bit of spyware... do it's job without you being aware that someone's making your business their business..

There are many, many anti-spyware programs available to you for a small fee. Every really good anti-spyware program will cost something, with most running around twenty-five to thirty-five dollars. I had previously used a popular anti-spyware program that seemed to do a decent job. One of the tell-tale signs of a system wrought with spyware is slow computing speeds, and my system, although not blazingly fast, seemed to run at an acceptable speed, so I never concerned myself with seeking out spyware and destroying it. I just assumed...

When I read an article in a popular computing magazine that stated that most anti-spyware programs tested, including mine, removed anywhere from 60% to 90% of all spyware, I scratched my head in puzzlement and questioned why no one offered a program capable of removing 100%.

That's when my little search uncovered the SpyZooka anti-spyware system. What made them different? Well, they were the only system that guaranteed me that they would remove 100% of all spyware from my system, within 24 hours. That's NOT what sold me. I ran a scan with the system I was using at the time, then, I downloaded SpyZooka and immediately ran another scan. What I discovered bothered me...

I found sixteen very potent spyware programs/cookies running on my system... and one trojan horse that the other system had not detected at all. I don't want to sound overly dramatic, but that was NOT acceptable by even my liberal standards. I had grown to accept a mediocre standard because every one of the programs available were mediocre.

I don't want any of my readers to view my article as a big ad for SpyZooka. I do want my readers to view my article as a review of a product I personally tested for almost two month before offering my opinion.

Here's the facts: SpyZooka has set up a data bank of computers that surf the web every single day, visiting sites that plant nasty little cookies, and much worse, on their systems. By looking at the spyware and carefully disecting it to determine how and why it works, the staff at SpyZooka is able to develop a data base of offenders and a remedy for their 'wares.

By constantly updating their system, they are able to detect and remove the very latest offenders, as well as look at any stubborn offenders on your system, at your request, and develop a remedy to permanently remove them from your system.

After using SpyZooka faithfully for over two months, I'm ready to recommend that you visit their site and seriously consider purchasing your own system. Unlike some high-priced anti-spyware systems, I'm not the least bit reluctant to tell you that SpyZooka is $29.95 for one year, and $14.95 for each additional year. Folks, that's cheap for a year of guaranteed 100% protection.

As your shareware/freeware editor, I feel that it's my responsibility to guide you to the very best resources I can find. With so many free resources on the web, I hate to ask you to part with your hard-earned money. But.. think of this as an oil change for your car. There are some necessities we cannot avoid if we want to protect our investments.

This is one of those necessities..

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