How to Deal with a Challenging Boss

How to Deal with a Challenging Boss
At some point in your career, it is inevitable you will end up with the type of manager who will cause you nightmares. In order to be successful in your career, however, it is important you learn how to deal. It is not necessary for you to become friends, but you will have to forge a working relationship which will allow you to function and become successful within your career. While you will not be able to change your boss, there are some actions you can take which will help you to deal with your current managerial challenge.

One of the worse situations is when a challenging manager has made a mistake. While some managers are open to receiving criticism, the difficult manager is not open to receiving any type of feedback or criticism. It is important to keep in mind criticizing or correcting your manage, just to show your superiority, is not a smart career move.

First, ask yourself if this is truly a battle worth fighting? If so, there are some actions you can take to soften the blow. Talk to your manager in private. Openly criticizing them in front of the staff may lead to a charge of insubordination, warranted or not. Make sure you give specific examples and do not make it personal.

If you have a complaint about your manager, do not share your dissatisfaction with the rest of the office. They may be your co-workers, but the rest of the staff will be looking out for their own jobs. Think how many points they can score with management by sharing the details of your latest tirade.

Keep your emotions in check. Many employees admittedly walk around wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and their dissatisfaction on their face. If this is you, it may be time to change. First, remove the emotions from the situation. If your boss has criticized you, look to see if there is any validity to their criticism. Think of their criticism as work place issues. Find the value in yourself and remember this when you feel wrongfully challenged.

Dealing with a difficult manager is never easy. It's important to continue to communicate with your manager to resolve issues. As you learn to work with your manager, there may be times when he may be totally out of line. This may include harassment, discrimination or threats. There are ways to deal with those types of situations. They may be what stands between you and your next promotion.

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