The Matrix - Path of Neo

The Matrix - Path of Neo
You can almost feel like the world is a bit saturated with Matrix-related stuff. Still, this game is quite fun to play and features newly re-mixed video.

The Wachowski Brothers personally worked on this game, and recombined video segments from the movies to build new sequences for the game. It really helps to have seen the movies, because while the game does move along with a plot, the montages of video clips would probably be very confusing if you didn't have the basic idea of what was going on.

So what IS going on. You're Neo, and you are given the choice of a red pill or blue pill. Amusingly, if you take the blue pill, you're sent back through your alarm clock and wake up as if out of a dream. Take the red pill, and you start on your path to Being the One. First it's a tutorial-like step by step guide to escaping the office building, with a far more convoluted path than seen in the movie.

Soon you're in a training arena, poking fun at a variety of video games. Then you move along through the storyline, with a wide variety of focus abilities and world-changing powers.

The graphics are reasonably good. At this point in time you really don't look to a PS2 for cutting edge graphics - the XBox has such amazing titles out, and the XBox 360 is just SO sweet, that you accept what you get from the PS2. That being said, I really found the movements of the characters to be quite impressive. Some of the martial arts moves were very smooth and realistic looking.

The sound is OK for an adventure game. Some of the little audio snippets get annoying VERY quickly, but that's the way it goes. The music in general was in the Matrix theme and helped you feel like you were a part of the movie.

If you're a fan of the trilogy, then it's great to get back into that world and to be able to choose your own path - and find a new ending - to the storyline in a way endorsed and written by the creators. You can replay the game a few times, on increasing levels of difficulty, to extend your gameplay enjoyment. That being said, this is a lot shorter start-to-end then most games I own, which is a bit frustrating.

Well recommended for Matrix fans.

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