Swindle Lesson Plan

Swindle Lesson Plan
"Swindle", by Gordan Korman, is an excellent book for your older elementary homeschooler. Extend your "39 Clues" series by reading this classic by the author of the second book in the series, "One False Note". Reference the Whole Language ideas below to start your reading adventure for the book "Swindle".

Begin with vocabulary and spelling practice. Here are ten words that your child may or may not be familiar with that are key words for comprehension in chapters 1-5. Your homeschooler can look up these words in the dictionary, write the definitions, and then write applicable sentences for each word as it relates to the story. Your child can also write the words three times each and study them for a spelling test at a later date.

Read chapters one through five, together or independently. Be sure to discuss how the different vocabulary word relate throughout these chapters. For comprehension assessment ask the following questions:
1. What did Griffin want the Old Rockford House to be turned into?
(a skate park)
2. Why couldn't Ben and Griffin steal the safe?
(it was bolted to the floor)
3. What did Griffin's friends think of the Old Rockford House?
(they were scared of it)
4. How many kids showed up for the sleepover at the old house?
(2- Ben and Griffin)
5. What made the Babe Ruth card that Griffin found so unique?
(Babe Ruth was in a "Sox" uniform, not a Yankees one)
6. What woke up Ben and Griffin that Saturday morning at the Old Rockford House?
(the wrecking ball)
7. How much money did the boys get from Mr. Palimino for the baseball card?
8. How did Griffin split the money for the card up?
(He gave half, or $60, to Ben)
9. What nickname does Ben have for Griffin?
(The Man With The Plan)
10. What type of invention did Griffin's dad create?
(An automatic fruit picker)

Segway to Science and challenge your child to study about the Doberman dog breeed. Using a book like "Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds" by D.Caroline Coile have your child create a book report on this large dog, and he or she can even draw a picture to go with it. You can go back to the facts about the Doberman breed when analyzing the story later on, too.

*Field Trip idea-
Visit an antiques shop if there is one nearby and view the various items there. If possible, speak to the proprietor about the valuable items and what makes them so worthy.

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