Information On Reflexology

Information On Reflexology
Remember the last time you stub your toe your hand automatically and instinctively started to gentle massage the toes and your entire foot to ease the pain. The direct stimulation on the foot put pressure on over 7000 nerve endings. So, aside from easing the pain. You were in a sense massaging reflexology points restoring the flow of energy to the entire body encouraging the natural healing process. With out realizing it or even caring at that point you were practicing a simple natural healing technique. In this case reflexology.

In reflexology, the toes-correspond to the shoulders and head; the ball of the foot-chest and lungs; the arch-internal organs; heel-sciatic nerve (hip) pelvic area, and the bone along the curving arch of the feet-the spine.
The right side of the body corresponds to the right foot the left side of the body corresponds to the left foot.

Most people have heard about the gentle healing technique of reflexology. The practice of reflexology applies gentle pressure, inchworm-like massage motion of the thumb to specific areas. This technique is used to stimulate the nerves. Like blood vessels, the nervous system run through the entire body communicates with all organs and tissues and contact can be made through the feet, hands, and occasionally the ears

Similar to most eastern healing art, reflexology is based on the concept of energy flowing through the body along pathways called zones or meridians. According to the theory illness results if the life energy flow becomes blocked. A reflexology session can help restart the energy flow.

A state of imbalance means that vital energy pathways are being blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively. Reflexology is believed to restore and maintain the body's natural balance, and encourage the body to heal itself at its own pace from poor health, stress related anxiety, and injuries.

Specific points on the feet and hands are regarded as corresponding to organs and tissues in the body. Stimulating these points has a beneficial effect on your health by alleviating, or controlling a range of conditions.
The reflexology session and the effect are unique for each person.

By visiting a reflexologies you will gain more knowledge on this therapy, they can answer any questions concerning reflexologies, recommend a book to read on the subject and teach you the right way to work on your own pressure points. Remember to ask about their, training, certification, and experience. In addition, tell your Reflexologies if you have any health problem, or if you are pregnant so that he or she can adjust pressure points to certain areas.

Reflexology at home
Tennis Ball:
Roll the entire sole of the foot on a tennis ball. This break up tension held in the feet, there are many important pressure points on the sole of the feet, the gentle pressure on the muscles and connective tissue can relieve tension. In Reflexology, there are pressure points on the feet that correspond to certain parts of your body.
(From Altmed article Pamper your Feet and your Body will Appreciate You)

There are many wooden foot rollers available in stores that have a soothing effect on important pressure points on the sole of the feet.

For more information:
American Reflexology Certification Board

International Institute of Reflexology:

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