President John F. Kennedy Military Veteran

President John F. Kennedy Military Veteran
Should a Candidate Running for President Have Armed Forces Experience?

Being president of the United States is a difficult and humongous job. Being president is not a little job, you have to have integrity and perseverance and honesty but those are some of the basics. I think they should have some kind of military experience -- military experience like John Fitzgerald Kennedy also known as John F. Kennedy had. JFK was lieutenant of the motor torpedo boat. JFK was the 35th president of the United States and by research he was an excellent one at that. He had the kind of armed forces experience that a person running for president should have. I think it is very mandatory that a candidate that is running for president should have the military experience that JFK had because being president of the United States you have to protect millions and millions and varieties of people. With the past attacks that the United Stated has had, the president of the United States should know how to defend and protect this country, the United States. Having that military experience will be the best thing for this country and say if we had another attack (god forbid) the president that has the military experience will send his army out and defend and fight.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was president and because he has military experience we had a good three and a half years. I totally agree that it would be better for a candidate to have military or the armed forces experience. John F. Kennedy is a man that had integrity and perseverance and he fought for this country that makes it even better. John F. Kennedy was one of the best presidents that the United States ever had and will have. By research I found out the John F. Kennedy first had served in the Navy and then ended as Lieutenant.

As I am saying this information I have to stop and think that it would totally be best for the candidates that are running for president of the United States of America to have armed forces experience because they will know how the people that are fighting for the United States of America feels. What I mean is it takes a lot to be away from your family for months and months and having to go to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and fight, be wounded, bruised and battered for our freedom and that if one of the candidates becomes president of the United States they will let the superior warriors come back and visit their families.

Where I am getting to is that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was in the armed forces and he knew what to do for America. A lot of fighting is going on with America and if one of the candidates beats out Obama and if the candidate has been in one of the armed forces then the candidate will know how to defend better for the United States. We have had attacks back from the beginning of our country and even till now.

Only seven out of presidential candidates have had military experience. If a candidate won that has had military experience then they would know better than a candidate that didn’t what it would take to defeat anyone and everyone who would want to harm the United States. They would know where to send off their armies and know how to handle the situations. John Kennedy knew how to defend our country because he was in one of the armed forces and he knew how to handle what was happening. The candidate would know more about war. War is a horrific event and I really think if the candidates have experience then it wouldn’t be such a big hurry to get everything ready and in order like all the soldiers or marines or navy, etc., ready for a war because a war could happen anytime.

It would be the best thing for America if we had another president that was in one of the armed forces. Some people may say that it’s not necessary for a president to have been in the armed forces but think about it! The president has a lot of duties to do and one duty is to make peace with other countries and a lot of countries want to destroy the United States and so we have to fight against them and if we had a president that has been in the armed forces, it’s a guarantee that the president will know what kind of weapons, etc. to use.

Late John Kennedy was registered in one of the armed forces and I strongly agree that if a candidate has military experience then the United States will stay united and it will be “justice for all.”

Kennedy Rumph is a student at Jewett School of the Arts. Her major is Chorus and her elective is piano. Some sideline activities that Kennedy does is Model and Act. Kennedy recently competed in Chorus All-State and did a superior job. She would like to graduate from Harrison Arts Center and go to a university. In her future she would like to become a pediatrician and will become a very successful person in life.

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