Identifying Psychic Gifts

Identifying Psychic Gifts
Working with our spiritual gifts can benefit the quality of our life direction as well as reward in the servicing of others. Dominant or dormant our God given birth talents can help identify more naturally what it is we came here to do. As we familiarize ourselves with our spiritual gifts finding peace in love, career, family and home becomes more accessible as we actively work with the bigger picture of life.

When we enter this world we are gifted with two types of spiritual gifts, dormant and dominant. Dormant gifts are those packaged inside challenges or weaknesses waiting to emerge. Dominant gifts, even if we have lost site of them or resist acknowledging them in our busy life, will often manifest time and time again as a common denominator or core sense in all we partake.

An example of a dormant gift might be the challenging traits of an aloof and bossy person having the greater gift of inspirational leadership or educator waiting to develop. We might also find someone with addictions or abusive relationships developing moreover as a healer or empathic counselor for those better served. Dominant gifts are those we are already aware of with the greater issue being whether or not to learn more or utilize them in a facet of our life.

Viewing the roles of our spiritual gifts may make more sense when we compare them physically with the orchestration of a symphony. The myriad of musical talents comprised in an orchestra, in the same sense resembles greatly the specialty gifts each of us harbors of our own partaking in an inspired composition of God. As we experience life, we can see God; the artist or creator assigning a ballot of sorts. There may be second and third string individuals we will work with and sometimes even harmonize, lead or prove to serve as background while others then take the lead. In these ballots not only have we the responsibility of director but performer as well.

Identifying these gifts, just as a musician will use a fine tuned ear or rhythm to balance imperfection, we will utilize the echo of our soul and contend with that. When something is off, be it timing or otherwise we may be presented with a sense or feeling of having missed out on something entirely invisible but real just the same. As we become acquainted with our spiritual gifts all the difference in the world can be felt as the correction of a sequence in our life begins to take form.

If we have gotten so far into our physical life we can neither think of any spiritual gifts or find ourselves settling into a routine, a simple list of what we like or have a fondness for in memory is effective in showing us where it is we could begin. Even the slightest amount of attention can bring a dominant spiritual gift to the surface and dormant gift back into the business of flourishing.

When we do identify our spiritual gifts we allow them to take us places we may only have dreamed about, after all they are closely related by source. When we don’t we become further and further disassociated with who we really are. Eventually even a significant source of income will begin to lose the effect it once had compounding the issue until we begin to believe we have no other purpose in life than waking up and controlling not only the rest of our day, but everyone else’s as well. Eventually, this will lead to a domino effect inside the home and out.

As our gifts do begin to unfold we will notice an additional utility, a creative source allowing for gradual change as we adapt to adjustments made to our lifestyle that may become necessary as we start to live out of our truest self. We may have new careers, changes in people or income normally associated with what we use to enjoy. Should we experience a setback of some kind during our venture, remember it is only temporary.

Lastly, it is important to acknowledge that though we will find in perfecting a single routine over and over again in an orchestra until it is music to our ears,in God’s orchestra it is in fact the mistakes and recovery from, which manifests the ultimate beauty over time. Never will we have a setback, disease or failed attempt that doesn’t lead to an even greater movement when we do our job well. Over time we will see with creative evidence never a greater performance brilliantly produced in this lifetime without having the help of our challenges to begin.


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